Shakira And Jlo

Jennifer Lopez And Shakira Sweep In The Most Latina Super Bowl In History

The Super Bowl has been marked by the feminine strength of three artists who have given their all at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium where the.

Raul A. Reyes: JLo and Shakira made history on Sunday night. Although other Latin artists have already been presented, such as Christina.

Shakira and JLo filled the American football grand finale with energy, rhythm and Latin culture, wearing outfits by Versace and Peter Dundas.

Hard Rock Stadium, where the performance took place. On September 26, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira announced through their social networks that.

JLo and Shakira’s message at the Super Bowl | CNN

The 30 songs that played at Shakira and Jlo’s Super Bowl show. Fragments of songs by Led Zeppelin, Joe Arroyo, Bruce Springsteen.

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Reyes is a lawyer and a member of the USA Today contributors board. Follow him on Twitter RaulAReyes. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own. Demi Lovato, who is partly of Mexican descent, gave a moving rendition of the national anthem. Bad Bunny and J Balvin, two popular Latin artists who sing in Spanish, joined JLo and Shakira on stage. This kind of visibility is important. It’s a sad reality: Latinos generally struggle for positive representation in Hollywood, in the media, and in politics.

So having two Latino stars at one of the biggest entertainment events of the year is a reminder that Latinos are a significant force in American culture. In fact, JLo and Shakira made history on Sunday night. But most people tune in to the big game to escape the frequent pressures and routines of daily life. Translation of Mariana Campos.