Shakira And Pique

Shakira And Piqué: A Love Story That Started With A Music Video!

Shakira and Piqué do not come from circles of fame. For his part, Piqué is the son of Joan Piqué, businessman and lawyer, and Dr.

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Gerard Piqué and Shakira took advantage of the league break to travel to Cantabria and enjoy one of the great passions of the.

Gerard Piqué’s passage through the El Hormiguero program has left behind a tide of lapidary phrases that have revolutionized the networks.

For love there is no age and these famous couples prove it. Shakira and Pique, 10 years apart, to Thalia and Tommy Mottola, with

Shakira and Piqué: a love story that began with a music video! | Glamor

Shakira and Piqué form one of the most acclaimed couples worldwide. He succeeds in soccer and she in music, but who wins more.

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Shakira and Piqué are an example. It is a very repeated phrase and, although there are exceptions, we fully support it. Melendi and Julia Nakamatsu — 13 years old Very jealous of their intimacy, when love sprouts through the pores of your skin you can already try to hide it, which comes out without realizing it.

Melendi 42 and the Argentinian Julia Nakamatsu 29 are 13 years apart but that, as we mentioned before, is not an impediment to love. The 49-year-old Puerto Rican fell in love with the 37-year-old painter of Swedish-Syrian origin, and with him he decided to complete his family. Shakira and Piqué — 10 years A love that we have seen born and grow is that of Shakira 44 and the soccer player Gerard Piqué The curious thing about this couple is that they were born on the same day but 10 years apart.

She, 51 years old and he, from Another couple that unites an artist with a sports personality is formed by Edurne and David De Gea. She is 35 years old and he, for his part, all proves that love does not understand age, much less gender.

Shakira – I fell in love (Official Video)