Shanann Watts Body

Where Were The Bodies Of The Daughters And The Wife Of The Killer Chris Watts Found?

-35 years old- strangled his wife.

The body of a pregnant Colorado mother who was killed along with Colorado found the body of 34-year-old Shanann Watts.

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According to the autopsy, Shanann, who was pregnant with a boy named Nico, died of suffocation due to strangulation.

Where were the bodies of the Watts family found?? |

The horrific autopsy of Bella obtained by Radar described the condition of her body. “There is a postmortem artifact consisting of swelling, marbling of the.

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Oct 27, at am Getty Images Chris Watts confessed to killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters in Weld County, Colorado, north of Denver in November. While he initially told investigators and the media that he didn’t know where his wife and daughters were, Watts eventually confessed to killing them all. In Watts’ first confession he lied. He told investigators he killed his wife, Shanann, because she killed his daughters.

He put 3-year-old Bella and Celeste in his car and drove to the Cervi State well pump at an Andadarko Petroleum oil well on Weld County Road 8, north of Roggen, Colorado. That’s where Watts told police he suffocated his two daughters and put their bodies in two different oil wells. Watts was an employee of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation at the time.

Watts buried Shanaan in a shallow grave in the well Colorado Bureau of Investigations Map of the site where the bodies of Shanaan, Celeste and Bella Watts were found. The girls were found in two different oil wells that contained crude oil. Bella was in the west oil tank and Celeste was inside the east tank. Investigators reported finding what appeared to be blond hairs on at least one edge of the tank.

When they were finally able to get the girls out, they saw that they were both wearing their nightgowns. They also found part of a broken rake that Watts confessed to using to clear the brush where he buried Shanann. He then took Celeste to the east well and dropped her first, he told police.

Watts then put Bella’s little body in the well and went to bury Shanann. Watts told investigators he used a rake, which broke, to try to remove some brush and weeds, and then used a shovel to dig a hole to bury his wife. Watts was sentenced to five life terms without the possibility of parole.

Police store Shanann Watts evidence.