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How to save space on your devices using iCloud Photo Sharing | iPhoneA2

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For this reason, the Shared Photos service has fallen into disuse or we have forgotten a little about it. Today we want to teach you how to use this service and give it another use. Save space on your devices using iCloud Photo Sharing.

These sequences do not take up memory space on your devices, nor do they consume storage from your iCloud account. Go to Photos on your device. Tap Shared at the bottom of the screen. Click on Create Sequence. Now you must name your Sequence. This next screen is interesting. Click Create at the top right of the screen. Now you have to add the photos or videos you want. Well, nothing, choose the folder from which you are going to include your photos to the Shared Folder by clicking on it and click OK at the top right of the screen.

When you have already selected the folder, you see by clicking one by one the photos that you want to include in your Shared Folder.

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