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From Stigma of Madness to Symbol of Power: The New Meaning of Shaven-Headed Women

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It is an ideal hairstyle for women with wavy or curly hair. Shaved bob cut. This well-known cut of short hair with the sides.

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Among the different cuts, women’s hair shaved at the nape of the neck or shaved sides stand out, which seek to surprise and favor. a shaved.

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Specifically, cuts with shaved sides that provide a "look" will be taken again.

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Types of Shaved for Women

everything is fashion. Iris Law appeared at the last Cannes festival with her head shaved and dyed blonde. His gesture was documented by the magazine and featured on Tik Tok, the speaker of a whole generation. The shaved head or buzz cut in English, has an obvious origin: the birth of the razor, first manual and then electric, something that happened in the 19th century.

This cut spread among the military and in the army and from there it jumped to the street, then being the heritage only of men. The example of the Falconetti, like Dreyer’s Joan of Arc in , illustrates an aesthetic that had its continuation in all the war conflicts of the century. When a woman was condemned or they wanted to annul her, her head was shaved. A close case took place in Francoist Spain, during the civil war and the postwar. Shaving was a method of repression and humiliation.

Her self-portraits can be seen, along with that of other pioneers of photography, in an exhibition called The New Woman Behind the Camera that has just opened at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Cahun’s was an isolated case, because women did not begin to shave their heads on their own initiative until the 1990s. Punk, as a reaction to the hippie movement and braids full of flowers, needed their own cut and this was zero hair; was perfect because challenging and countercultural.

And another one was added that is predominant today: the sleeve cut to that idea of ​​feminine beauty that includes long hair. And Britney came. With her the shaved head was resignified again.

That February 16, , the world saw a very sad young woman who shaved her head in front of an army of paparazzi as a response to a situation of helplessness and vulnerability. poor britney. His buzz cut was full of emotions, and none of them were positive. At that time she had just returned from a rehabilitation clinic in Barbados and went to a tattoo parlor, where she grabbed a razor and shaved herself.

Many years later she declared that she did it because she did not want anyone to touch her head, because she was tired of people touching her hair. His cut coincides with the thesis of the experts. The shaved, like some hotels, is not reached by chance: it is a haircut-destiny; much less now, after very emotional months.

When we talk to them, many agree that, after what we have experienced in these difficult times, they have gained confidence. That why has to do with the desire to free oneself from a stereotyped image of beauty, with the urge to take charge of one’s own image.

They do it by choice and give free rein to a hidden desire to feel free, to experiment, and of course, by conviction. A royal cut eliminates much of the maintenance of a mane, but not all. The zero cut allows you to experiment with colors, requires well-groomed skin and a lot of awareness of the overall look. One of the lawyers who appears in The Good Fight has a shaved head and always appears with huge pieces of gold jewelry and impeccably dressed.

Hers is a proud and bourgeois cut just like Iris Law’s is tiktok and refreshing. The Olympic champion, Yulimar Rojas, also exhibits a shaved and dyed haircut. Everything in him is pride and majesty. This cut contains less resentment than in the past, although it represents a flight from an idea of ​​beauty generated by the male gaze, a gesture of liberation and power at a time when there are never too many.

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