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The Ten Best Sherlock Holmes Of Film And Television

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created in by British writer Arthur Conan Doyle. He is an English character from the end of the 19th century who stands out for his intelligence, his skillful use of observation and reasoning.

This summer we have been able to enjoy a very different Sherlock played by the tireless Ian McKellen, playing the role of the.

Actor Arthur Wontner played Sherlock Holmes in five British films during the 1930s, the first being ‘The Sleeping.

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what can we say? The most recognizable actor as Holmes on the small screen is undoubtedly Benedict Cumberbatch, from the series.

The 10 best Sherlock Holmes in history

Regarded as Jeremy Brett’s film counterpart, Rathbone played the famous detective in 14 films between and It Was.


Holmes was created in by the Scottish writer and physicist Arthur Conan Doyle. The character became a symbol for the black novel and it is not surprising that it has been adapted so many times to film and television. McKellen’s version has been highly celebrated by critics. They praise how the veteran actor has been able to create a Holmes who has a long journey behind him and that his greatest challenge is not to lose his memory, the one where he keeps all his ingenuity. From Charlton Heston to Christopher Plummer.

From the hand of Whatculture, we review the ten best Sherlock Holmes of cinema and television. Considered the quintessence of the mythical character. He played it 41 times in 10 years thanks to the series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, in which the actor played the detective since The interpreter suffered from severe depression during the years in which he acted as Holmes. Such was the dedication, that he died a year after the end of the series.

This Holmes has managed to maintain the characteristic features of the original character in a modern setting, since the series takes place today. It was the Holmes of World War II, leaving curious scenes of the detective and Watson chasing Nazis. His first time was in The Hound of Baskervilles in He was also an impulsive and somewhat arrogant Holmes, very faithful to the original by Conan Doyle. He would return to the character to play him in a series about Holmes for the BBC.

The eight movies he made for television have been recognized by analysts and critics around the world. Unlike the other interpretations, the actor gave him a young, energetic and very active look. The film had to reduce its footage, as it was long and had to be reduced to Stephen’s version has been seen as unconventional and very funny. In fact, several critics considered that the actor should have deserved an Oscar nomination for said performance.

It is surprising how Plummer was able to capture the emotional side of Holmes, reaching a scene in which he breaks down crying after failing to save a woman.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes played by Jeremy Brett 5×2 Silver Star