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Hair Colors 2022

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one. Glossy Black 2. Black Gold 3. Gray Hair 4. Chocolate Mauve 5. Olive Brown · 6. Expensive Brunette · 7. Brun Cashmere · 8. Mahogany Copper.

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This saturated shade of copper hair color has pleased us very much. And you? short hair retro-interesting hairstyle with orange tones.

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No matter what color you choose, dark brown, copper or blonde, this color technique goes with everyone. The is the color effect on.

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Let’s see those 9 colors what surprises they hold for us. Smoky Gold If you expected to read that this year’s hair dyes were going for blue, blonde, brown, chocolate or gray, you were wrong. Of course, they are super elegant colors. Specifically, we are talking about a color full of golden nuances and at the same time smoky. So it is a color that all women favor.

Let’s say that it is a color that provides bronze tones to the hair that make it look very light, giving the appearance of silky and enviable hair. Blonde Beige Yellow hair is out. sure it does. Copper If you would like to wear your hair red but you don’t dare, this copper color is your answer. Make the jump from brown to almost reddish, but without reaching it. And the truth is that very beautiful.

A fantasy color, between chocolate and lilac, as its name suggests. It is a color that illuminates brown hair very well. And why not. If you want to make a change, radical or not, to your image, changing your hair color can be a sensational option.

At the same time, if the moment of the dye arrives but you are not completely sure, you do not always have to start with a complete dye, you can start with a few highlights to gradually assimilate the change. That is why the best shades are the following: golden blonde.