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Modern Short Haircuts – Ideas For Girls With Blonde Hair

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Iconic, fun, elegant and seductive, this shade never goes out of style!! Tricks and tips. Skip this section. Natalie Portman with short wavy hair.

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Iconic, fun, elegant and seductive, this shade never goes out of style!! Tricks and tips. Skip this section. Natalie Portman with short wavy hair.

Modern Short Haircuts – Ideas for Girls with Blonde Hair

Purple matte makeup is a win here too. emma thompson short blonde hair. 5. short icy blonde hair. The good thing about this shade of blonde is that.

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one. The Shaggy Bob

Get real-time updates right on your device, subscribe now. Or that gentlemen prefer blondes. We don’t really know if that’s true or not, but what we do know is that short blonde hair is a real craze right now. The Shaggy Bob We start our list of short blonde hair ideas with the shaggy bob. All you need to do to replicate this look is grab a handful of mousse or hair wax and run your fingers through your hair.

This is a medium sized bob, which has been shortened by creating some wispy curls. We also love the bright caramel mixed with a cinnamon shade of blonde. However, she looks like a real bombshell in this photo shoot, with her short blonde hair and oversized makeup. The Emma Thompson Even though she went through numerous transformations for all the movies she’s been in, Emma Thompson likes to keep it short and pretty in her real life.

Short icy blonde hair The great thing about this shade of blonde is that you can pair it with overbearing lipsticks. The Jennifer Lawrence When Jennifer Lawrence decided to cut her long locks, she became the perfect bombshell. She also dyed her short hair blonde and started wearing heavy eye makeup.

Short White Blonde Hair If you want to take a walk down the natural path, you can try this white shade of blonde. It looks like your real hair. The Kaley Cuoco Yet another hair transformation that blew us away was that of actress Kaley Cuoco. We watched her and her long curly hair for eight years on The Big Bang Theory. Suddenly she had short blonde hair.

However, the trick with this color like this haircut is to dye your roots dark. Go for a simple choppy bob, where your stylist can finish it off with a razor. Don’t try this alone at home. Consequently, there are now so many variants that we could not even count them. but we love this. Artistic Blonde Short Hair If you really want to make an entrance or an impression, for that matter, you can always go for the artistic version of short blonde hair.

You can copy this if you like, create your own, or just let your hairdresser do what they do best. One of the ways she tried to do that was by wearing a short, heavily gelled pixie with long bangs. And a lot of lip gloss, let’s not forget about that.

Tom Boy Short Blonde Hair This Is A Haircut For The Books. It’s so cute all you want to do is just sit and stare at it all day. Back then, she has dark brown hair that looked almost natural. Since then, however, she too decided it was time to grow out and cut her hair and dye it blonde.

It’s almost like a pattern. The Michelle Williams Ever since she played Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn a few years ago, it became clear to everyone that Michelle Williams has to be the kind of girl who has short blonde hair. Please don’t ever change, Michelle! The Christina Aguilera The miracle singer looks good no matter what she does. She has also paired it with another great love in her life, heavy makeup.

Her short blonde hair is actually a mix of misty gray Londoner and sunkissed blonde, and her cut is a long, wavy pixie with parted bangs. Short blonde hair with purple roots This really is a combination to die for.

And it’s not hard to see why. See how simple it is to style it the way you want. The Taylor Swift It really does look like country singer Taylor Swift has a face made specifically for short blonde hair. Balayage Short Blonde Hair If You Want To Go Balayage, This Is The Way To Do It. I was shooting a character based on Vogue’s Anna Wintour.

Back in her heyday, she used to sport this very shaggy long pixie, in different shades of blonde. The Claire Danes This natural beauty can do no wrong when it comes to style and makeup. As far as short blonde hair goes, she went for this gorgeous short bob with natural brown roots and feathery light ends. Frozen Over This is the iconic look for Hazelnut and gold It’s hard not to fall in love with this color combination.

Hazelnut beige blonde with dark roots looks bright and natural. The golden rose was and still is the key to a beautiful looking style. Cut it into a pixie cut with shaved sides and back and leave some curls free to run around the top of your head. All you need to do to style it is put a mousse in the palm of your hand and run your fingers through your hair. The Gwyneth Paltrow Though she loves her long tresses as much as the next Rapunzel, actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been known to cut them off from time to time as well.

The Rosie Huntington Whitely Supermodel Has A Facial Bone Structure To Die For. This is the main reason why she can pull off just about any haircut out there. Including this short blonde.

It is a shoulder length bob with stunning beach waves. The Kate Moss Yet another supermodel on our list, Kate Moss’s hair is one for the books. This dirty sandy blonde perfectly highlights her hazel eyes. It suited him well as he has piercing blue eyes and fine hair. It is a very short pixie, almost tomboyish in length. Undercut Short Blonde Hair As for short blonde hair, this is one that has to take the cake.

It’s a short pixie, with platinum highlights and undercut. We also love how fresh and crisp it looks, perfect for kicking off the summer season. Shaggy and Pink The first two things that pop up when looking at this haircut are how perfect it looks and the light pink bangs.

Ask your hairdresser to do it for you, instead of trying it at home. Take Khloe and her choppy shoulder-length bob, for example. The Zebra Don’t let the simplicity of its name fool you. She sports an ultra-short pixie cut. The Asymmetrical Pixie Another way to go regarding short blonde hair is the mix between the pixie and the bob. The Emeli Sande the Clown the singer has a characteristic look and this is it.

It’s obviously short blonde hair and reminds us a bit of Pink in her heyday. The sand-colored updo is in fact a fauxhawk, with shaved sides and curls on top. Think of Lady Gaga and let her inspire you. The Buzz Cut Short blonde hair can also mean the good buzz cut. in a girl. The Scarlet Johansson Today, ScarJo sports real short blonde hair, which means she has nothing to do with Emeli Sande.

However, we did not choose that. The Melon Cat You may recognize this haircut as the melon cat. looks exactly like this. Short 60s Blonde Hair And speaking of Courtney Love, here’s a straight look at the Ask your stylist how you can get this sumptuous color. The Perfect Pixie We’ve had pixie on top of pixie.

But this has to be the perfect. It just has that wonderful 60s vibe, coupled with a very strong feminine vibe, which is just what a pixie cut needs to work its magic. It’s the queen of grunge, Courtney Love with her famous short blonde hair. In fact, her hairstyle is so famous that you can see what she looks like even in this airbrushed black and white photo.

Use some mousse to give the hair some texture. Other than that, you can also braid your hair overnight. The model’s short blonde hair looks almost fried at the ends, as if she’s spent too much time with the curling iron in her hands. We also love the silk scarf and retro sunglasses. Two Tone Even if you’re dying to have short blonde hair, that doesn’t mean it has to be on your head. take this example.

The sand mixed with platinum blonde rests majestically on top, while underneath you can see the natural color of the model’s hair. The Cinnamon Blonde Bob Not all blondes are typical white blondes, like the ones we are used to, which is why we saved the best for last. In this hot season, try something different if you really want to stand out from the crowd.