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Long bob haircut that gives a dynamic and fun style to your look. Short hair is a good option to do in your hair.

June 18, – 1:00 p.m. The singer and actress Jennifer López wearing short hair, a rejuvenating style. Photo: – -. a cut of.

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Haircuts according to length: Ideas to look fabulous!! Short haircuts to renew your look.

The six haircuts that the most stylish women will wear in

It is a less risky cut since you only have to cut the hair on the back of the neck very short,” says Sestelo. ‘Bixie’, the haircut for.

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‘Long pixie’, the most daring

Going to the hairdresser on an adventure willing to improvise is not the best of ideas. It is a ‘bob’ haircut cut just at the height of the hairline in the nape area so that when tilting the head you get that beautiful effect of leaving the nape uncovered. Alexandra Pereira was one of the first celebrities to wear the Gtres ‘nape bob’ Afterwards, she cuts her hair at a slight angle from the nape of the neck to the height of her chin, leaving most of her neck uncovered.

That’s why it helps to visually lengthen short necks. It is flattering on oval faces and a great choice for elongated ones because it visually compensates them. Lilly Collins, for many years, wore a ‘long pixie’, a cut that is now coming back strong. Anna Castillo bets on a ‘bixie’ haircut. The same thing happens with the upper strands and that gives it body and volume that we can enhance with the use of the brush or volumizing products, if our hair is fine.

In order to have movement, it can be worn with full layers throughout the hair, except in the front part, which can integrate a visor fringe or a mini fringe or also a scaled one in the lower part of the hair, finishing the look with very waves. light and, above all, very natural. Rihanna wore a french bob haircut, which is ideal even for wavy hair Gtres What makes the ‘french bob’ different from other hairstyles is the length, which is very short and therefore requires a lot of maintenance.