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Short Haircuts 2022 for Women – Trends

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Pixie, bob, lob discover the best ideas of hairstyles and looks for short hair. We tell you what are the most popular haircuts.

Pixie, bob, lob discover the best ideas of hairstyles and looks for short hair. We tell you what are the most popular haircuts.

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Short haircuts for women – trends

Before continuing we want to give you some advice: do not make the mistake of many women of cutting your hair and trying to do a hairstyle for short hair.

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Although it is very popular, it suits oval faces or very feminine and fine features. If you are one of the lucky ones, do not hesitate to use this cut. It is perfect for both straight hair and wavy hair. Garçon Another trend in short hair is very low cuts and with many layers, garçon style.

They are masculine cuts, but they look great on women with a very feminine face. One of the ways to achieve this is to wear short hair. After the war, the trend disappeared, but then thanks to famous people, it was cyclically implanted again in the streets of the whole world. The vast majority opt for soft straight, while others prefer soft tousled waves, which add a little distortion. Likewise, before deciding, you should analyze well how it goes with the shape of the face and hair texture, not all people are favored equally.

And as if all this were not enough, it gives us a lot of versatility, freshness and above all a lot of comfort, since with a midi cut we will not need to spend so much time caring for our hair or styling it. Girls with straight hair can choose from a variety of styles.

Above all, you can wear it natural, totally straight and when you feel like it, wave it as in the image above. Banish the look of split ends and increase the volume of your hair, it is very easy through graduation. Asymmetries are a solution to add glamor to hair. Choppy layers throughout the hair help to emphasize the texture and create a messy style.

You can style your hair with products to define the layers. Asymmetrical Short asymmetrical hair is very interesting and with a lot of presence. It also looks great with a fringe. There is a wide variety of asymmetrical cuts, you can choose the one that best matches your facial features and your personality.

They give us the possibility to be original and we can give it the shape we want. With an asymmetrical cut there are no rules. This cut looks great with side swept bangs. With bangs Don’t forget the big trend of the season, and choose a fringe that you can wear on the forehead or to the side.