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Shoulder Exercises, Women With Dumbbells


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Specifically the shoulders, at an aesthetic level, the deltoid, pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi muscles are worked on, although many influence the exercises.

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-side raise.

-lateral raises.

Shoulder exercises, women with dumbbells | Fitness Lifestyle by Kei

In this article we provide you with a detailed list of a special shoulder workout for women, with which you will feel.

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The best shoulder exercises for women 4 minutes If you want to train your shoulders in the gym but need an intense exercise routine, the following article is ideal for you. However, most neglect that to complete their intense sessions they must incorporate shoulder exercises, since they often go unnoticed. In order to offer you some ideas that can complete your training session, we have prepared a list of what we consider to be the best shoulder exercises for women.

It is an ideal exercise to start with, in which we recommend that you do not start with too much weight in order to avoid injuring yourself. Then lower your arms back to the starting position to finish one rep.

Our advice is to be careful with the movements of the back when lifting the weight. Keeping your arms straight, pivot from your shoulder joint to bring the dumbbells out to your sides until they’re shoulder-width apart. Among other parts of the body, push-ups allow you to strengthen the shoulders, triceps and deltoids.

Next, bend your elbows out to the sides and lower your body toward the ground while supporting your full body weight. To finish a repetition, you must press your hands up until your body is in the starting position. To perform them, you must stand with both dumbbells in each hand and your feet slightly apart. Next, raise your arms laterally to the sides, keeping a slight bend in the elbow, until you reach shoulder height.

Do not forget that during this exercise the movements must be slow. As for the weight, above all you should not force to avoid injuries. We recommend you increase the weight and intensity gradually. To finish, do not forget that before carrying out shoulder exercises for women it is very important to warm up well in order to reduce the risk of injury. you might be interested