Silene Oliveira

silene oliveira

Silene Oliveira is the real name of Tokio, and she is the woman who was fleeing from the Madrid authorities when The Professor.

Úrsula Corberó rose to Latin American fame for playing "Silene Oliveira" – better known by the nickname "Tokio" – who at the age of 14 joined a.

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In the series it is revealed that Tokio’s real name is Silene Oliveira, curiously the fans seem to have discovered a mystery.

The photos show Úrsula, who plays the role of Silene Oliveira in La casa de Papel, with other cast members.

Silene Oliveira Archives – Futbol RF

Despite having shot the last scenes in the shoes of Silene Oliveira, Úrsula Corberó is not ready to say goodbye to her Tokyo.

This Friday the first part of the last season of the series premiered on Netflix

Answer: My life has changed in many ways, I’m not going to lie to you. The good thing is that my environment remains the same and I always try to stay out of it. And there I said, yes, it will change your life. But I think that this has also given us a shot of self-esteem within the industry and that is very important, realizing and being aware that we are capable of doing incredible things.

Answer: It is very difficult to know. It has nothing to do with one thing in particular. It is a mixture of everything, it also has to do with the characters, the people have felt very identified with that thing of making them dream and making them feel that they have a voice and power. Answer: I did not want to say goodbye to Tokyo.

And we live together until I’m ready to let her go. Answer: Who knows, who knows… That would be cool too.