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Simple bouquets are perfect to highlight the style of the most ‘minimal’ brides. If it is yours, be inspired by discreet proposals and.

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Simple bridal bouquets are the most chosen for civil weddings and are usually small and have only one type of flower. They are bouquets of round shape and not.

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An ideal bouquet for brides who are getting married in the hottest months of the year. bridal bouquets.

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Bridal bouquets with their own personality await you at our florist, come and choose yours

You can continue reading what to do with the bridal bouquet in this post. There are a lot of bouquets and styles: wild bridal bouquet, preserved flower bridal bouquet, simple bridal bouquets. The important thing is to choose the bridal bouquet according to your style and your dress. One of the things to consider when choosing your bouquet is the type of wedding dress you are wearing.

The balance and harmony in the set of dress, bouquet, shoes, headdress, hairstyle and makeup is what you must take into account when choosing. If you are one of the brides who loves flowers, their aroma, their texture, the beauty of the ephemeral, your bouquet should be made of natural flowers.

If you are one of the brides who prefer to keep your bouquet for a long time without dedicating much care to it, the best option is a bouquet of preserved flowers. On numerous occasions a brooch, a medal or a photo of a loved one is added.

This type of bouquet admits all kinds of flowers. Any dress fits perfectly with this bouquet. The best thing about this type of bouquet is that you can choose seasonal flowers and it goes great with simple wedding dresses, with a lot of fall and boho chic style.

Cascading bouquets It is a type of bouquet that falls downwards in the form of a waterfall, lengthens the figure in tall brides. When choosing the bridal bouquet, keep your personality in mind and if you want to bring seasonal flowers, think about the flowers of each season of the year. Dahlias, heather, hydrangea, daisy, sunflower, carnations. The perfect winter flowers for your bouquet are tulips, anemones, daffodils, orchids, gladioli, peonies, Spring Wedding: It is the explosion of color and you can transfer it to your bouquet.

Peonies, paniculata, lavender, roses, carnations are some of the flowers that your bridal bouquet can carry in the spring months.