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5 Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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However, learning how to paint your eyes is not as simple as it seems, since important elements such as the.

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In this article we teach you how to make your eyes look bigger with the help of makeup. With a few little tricks, light colors and some.

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Simple Makeup for Beginners According to the Shape of your Eyes between one eye makeup to another without shadows or eyeliner is abysmal.

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Many of the specific products for eyes have this objective. Follow this step by step to achieve it. Cover dark circles It is the first step to achieve a perfect look. Against this situation, nothing better than a corrector to unify the tone.

Olive-toned skin, with yellowish-looking areas, should use a lilac-toned concealer. Illuminate and correct dark circles essential to achieve the desired effect. Imaxtree 2. The eyeliner, essential to create the big eye effect. Imaxtree 3. From there, to try shades. Olivia Palermo Gets It With Brown Streak. Getty Getty 4. It should always be applied from the roots to the ends, and making a zig zag, so that while the product is applied, they are combed.

Another trick is to apply it by turning the brush. Infinite eyelashes, the trick of Emma Watson. Getty 5. Perfect eyebrows Eyebrows also influence the appearance of the size of the eye. Defining the eyebrows well is also essential.

Easy & Simple Makeup For Beginners!