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Decorated Acrylic Or Gel Nails 2022 – Designs And Models

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Performing fashion decorations on your nails is a way to make them look beautiful and carry the latest trend in your hands. We show you some models.

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Here are some nail designs that are so fashionable, these simple ones like bicycles are also very common on nails.

Decorated acrylic or gel nails – designs and models

Simple, elegant, French nail decoration, long and short nails, Nude is a fashionable nail color, there are many nude painted nail designs.

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Photo: imaxtree 1 of 10 Since , nail art has become a trend thanks to artists like Katy Perry, who decorated her nails with impossible drawings and even painted the face of her then-partner, comedian Russell Brand. Photo: Siberia Salón 2 de 10 Sofya Khasanova, co-owner of the Siberia salon, also in Madrid, believes that the trend is here to stay. The clients who wear them are women who care about their image and like to follow trends".

The use of stickers like the stars, which they sell in their physical store, gives a differentiating point to the nails. Photo: imaxtree 3 of 10 If Khasanova stands out from the trend and justifies its success, it is the utility that these designs can have. That is, with the choice of colors and shapes you send a message or you can even give a first impression about yourself. Pastel colors in different shades and fine geometric lines meet these expectations.

In the image, the nails of the House of Holland parade opted for two well-differentiated colors with a half moon at the tip. Crespo recommends going to a professional for this type of design. The two colors create a visual impact". A transparent or nude layer to highlight small lines placed as if randomly. Photo: imaxtree 7 of 10 Traditional manicures, revisited, also fall into the temptation of designs.

Use a base color and at the end add a line of another tone, a way to modernize it", Curtopelle explains. Photo: Orly 8 of 10 The choice of the color of the year by Pantone, which for this has opted for the classic blue, also influences manicures. This is how they believe it in the Orly enamel firm, which propose it for this season and combine it with other shades and patterns, painting each hand with a color.

It fades over the base color", curtopelle account. Photo: imarninails 10 of 10 Colours, strokes and stickers can create countless designs so that the hands, one of our letters of introduction, send a clear message.

Whether it’s the color of the year, the trending nudes for Curtopelle or a black, the user has all the tools to create a style according to her that does not clash with her routine. Article updated on February 6, h.