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Choose This Makeup If You Are A First Timer

Getting a basic makeup set is very simple, choose the essential products and not worry about the rest.

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We give you the step by step that Verónica Díaz has used to carry out this sophisticated and terrifying makeup.

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Today we will talk about How to get a simple and natural makeup, that is, a casual and simple trendy makeup while all that is carefree!

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The ideal make up to put on makeup with only 5 products, in 5 steps and in just 5 minutes. Remember to apply moisturizer and keep your face clean and.

How to make up your face during the day? | step by step guide

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Choose this make-up if you are a first-timer 4 minutes If you have never put on make-up and want to start doing it, you cannot miss this article. We tell you all the tricks so that you become a true professional. But do not worry, remember that in life everything is learned.

When you start to put on makeup, it is advisable to start with a soft makeup, which looks natural. Shadows and busy colors can hide your beauty and make you look much older. Try to enhance your features in a harmonious way. Remember that the perfect technique is not achieved overnight, so don’t despair. Stand in front of the mirror, with your best smile, to start. We propose a few simple steps to put on makeup for the first time.

Cosmetic products, such as foundations and compact powders, tend to dry out the skin. Dry yourself well, with touches of the towel. Apply a little moisturizing lotion to the face and neck area, using circular massages. Let the lotion absorb. Make-up base Once your skin is moisturized, apply a make-up base similar to your natural color. To select it, you must use a light and a dark one: Place a little light base on the back of your hand.

Add just a drop of dark foundation. Blend until you reach your skin color. Apply small amounts with your finger all over the face. Blend all over the face. You can apply it with your finger and then blend until it is uniform. Powder to fix Apply after the concealer that you put in the previous step a compact or loose powder. You can apply it with a brush, taking just a little and spreading the product all over the face.

You can also do it with a sponge. The perfect eyes if you are a beginner Eyebrows. They are the frame of your face. Apply over the entire eyebrow. Unnoticeable shades are best for someone just starting out. eye socket. Blends a brown shade to add depth. Outline the upper edge of the eye with black eyeliner. The objective is to lengthen them and give them volume. Blush Also called rouge. Use a soft color that gives life to your features, without being aggressive.

Pretend you are drinking a soda through a straw and place it in the sunken part. To do this, use matte lipsticks or light colors to give a fresh look. Place them with your finger in small amounts and then blend them to achieve an even color. It may interest you: Cure burned lips. Try to establish a beauty routine in this aspect. You just need a cleansing cream, a toner and a moisturizing cream.

In the same way, keep in mind that you should make up according to your tastes. you might be interested