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The Simpsons: The Dark Inspiration Of Milhouse’s Name

There is a detail in the name of the character of Bartolomeo J. Simpson, better known as Bart, who surely many of his fans do not.

springfield college. Provoked by their hatred of Krusty, they try to kill Krusty. Springfield. Nelson Muntz: Quimby).

David Jones Pirates

Bonjour, j’aimerais commander un dessin d’Itchy Scratchy. The name of the artist is Homer Simpson? The name of the artist.

Groening took from his own family the names of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Did you know that in Time magazine he chose Bart Simpson as.

The Simpsons: The Dark Inspiration of Milhouse’s Name

Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie have the same names as their parents. Marge Simpson, the mother with long blue hair, is an owner of.


Between your girlfriend or your family or your friends giving their opinion about some ideas, you always end up with the same one: you don’t find the best option for your pet. So, it occurred to me that this could be a good idea for our dog, in honor of these characters, to be named after these beloved characters. Lisa, the daughter of Homer and March, can be perfect for an intelligent and very independent dog.

A chihuhua or a Cocker would be an excellent option. Hans Moleman didn’t appear much in the series, but if he reminds me of a Shar Pei dog or not? This would be a great dog name! Barney Gumble, although he does not have the best option, he does remind me of a particular race. if a bulldog! Willie this Scotsman with very few manners, is one of my favorites in the series.

His name is the next best thing to a red-coated Scottish Terrier, don’t you love it? Montgomery Homer’s boss at the nuclear plant is moody, ambitious and very ungenerous. Maybe this you think is not the best option for your dog. But there are no dogs named Enrique or Trump. Don’t rule it out altogether. Milhouse in love with Lisa and friend of Bart is ideal for a dog a Chihuahua dog.

This breed does not have excellent eyesight, but you can love it all your life. An Israelite dog. But it can still be for a very funny dog ​​Or simply for a dog that you love very much. A photo posted by Coby The Cat cobythecat on Jul 7, at am PDT Well, there you have excellent dog name options for your pet and if you have other ideas, do not hesitate to put them in our comments.