Skin Undertone

Skin Undertone. Meet yours.

UNDERTONE: It is what will determine the tone of our skin. Skin undertone never changes. Undertone degrees are cool, warm, or neutral.

We teach you to know what skin undertone you have to get it right among all the makeup, apart from the tones, there are the undertones.

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Undertones are independent of skin color. Regardless of whether it is fair, brunette or brunette, all skin has an undertone: yellow (warm) or pink .

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However, the Undertone of the skin does not change. The undertone is a measurement scale of our skin that goes from cold to warm tones depending on the pigments.

What is skin undertone and how to find out yours

Subtone: it is what will determine the tone of our skin. Knowing like this if we have a cold or warm undertone. Skin undertone never changes.

What is the undertone of our skin?

But just as important to choose makeup and accessories is knowing it as the skin undertone we have. For this, knowing the difference between these two is the key. tone and undertone. Skin tone: it is the color we have and that can vary depending on different factors such as the sun, food or genetics.

The skin undertone: it is the hue that underlies the color of our skin and this is unalterable. Undertones are independent of skin color. As I just commented, it is the undertone you have that determines your skin undertone. How to differentiate the undertones. To recognize them, you can do several tests that, although they are not infallible, are good tricks so that you can recognize yourself in any of the categories.

Place a sheet of paper or a white towel next to your neck. cool undertone. Makeup base: Opt for pink, porcelain or sable. They are skins with yellow, peach and gold reflections. Has it happened to you that when you use makeup on your face it has turned orange? The range of green looks great with your skin tone. neutral undertone. Also called by experts as "olive", it is the one that most Spanish women have.

It is characterized by having a mixture of the two previous undertones. Both gold and silver accessories suit them well, their skin tans well but there are areas that tend to turn reddish and the veins on their wrists have almost the same amount of purple as green.

This type of subtone favors any combination. As a small scheme I leave you this image. I hope that this post has helped you to clarify those doubts that sometimes arise when choosing accessories or makeup colors. I preferred to make a post instead of a video because I thought it would be better understood.