Skin Undertones

Skin Undertone. Meet yours.

Subtone: it is what will determine the tone of our skin. Knowing like this if we have a cold or warm undertone. Skin undertone never changes.

To easily find out what your skin undertone is, L’OrĂ©al Paris proposes a very pro trick: stand in front of the mirror next to a.

UNDERTONE: It is what will determine the tone of our skin. Skin undertone never changes. Undertone degrees are cool, warm, or neutral.

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Undertones are independent of skin color. Regardless of whether it is fair, brunette or brunette, all skin has an undertone: yellow (warm) or pink .

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However, the Undertone of the skin does not change. The undertone is a measurement scale of our skin that goes from cold to warm tones depending on the pigments.

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Types of shades

To start explaining the differences between makeup tone and undertone, we are going to see the meaning of each one. The tone of the skin can change depending on the season in which we find ourselves. Tone degrees are light, medium and dark.

Skin undertone never changes. It is very important to be clear about these two terms when choosing our makeup well, in this way we will avoid our makeup being cut or orange. With a tone and undertone of makeup suitable to our skin we will achieve an impeccable result.

Medium: the ideal tone for this type of skin is beige. If your veins look bluish or purple, it’s also cold. They blush very easily. Imperfections are better concealed. Veins look greenish. They tan easily. Neutral undertone: there are no obvious undertones if the skin is rosy or sallow, just the skin color is different, usually a mix of the above.

There are many clues in your skin that can lead you to this answer. If with the veins it is not very clear, you can check it with the colors on your face. If they are silver, the skin undertone is cool. If you are still not clear, you have a neutral skin undertone. Recommended Products Terracotta light is the perfect powder for many skin types, as it is very light and subtle.

They are bronzers with a copper tone that goes well with many skin types and undertones with a glowing effect. Flash Nude colored fluid foundation with a bare skin effect but zero defects, as it has a hydra-fluid and breathable texture, for an immediate perfect skin effect and buildable, luminous and natural coverage without a mask effect. Aqua Nude De Guerlain is one of the few makeup bases on the market that gives you the choice of your tone and undertone.

The good thing is that as it is moisturizing, it already has the SFPF protection factor incorporated. The MAC firm has the same advantage as Guerlain in that its foundations already come in the same tone and undertone and play with the same nomenclatures. My favorites are the face and body, because they serve me both for the face and for the body.