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In a skincare mini-refrigerator you cannot miss facial rollers, roll-on’s or metallic applicators for eye contour creams.

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AstroAI Portable Mini Refrigerator, Electronic Mini Fridge for Skincare 4L/6 Cans of Soft Drinks, Mini Fridges, AC/DC Mini Fridges for Cooling and Cooling.

Mini fridges: reasons to keep your beauty products cold | Glamor

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The answer is: It depends. That is, the ideal is a cool, dry place away from any direct source of heat. If the product does not indicate refrigeration in its instructions, it is better not to do it. On the contrary, temperature changes are not good at all and only help to impair the stability and functionality of your cosmetics. So when you decide to refrigerate, you should continue to keep everything in the same place.

Here the answer is a resounding NO. In the case of sheet masks. That cold effect comes in handy in those calming or decongestant. If you put it in the fridge, remember to put it back after each use. The worst thing is that the cosmetic lives between different temperatures. Leave a comment.