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‘Red Sky’ Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know

Three prostitutes, a Cuban, an Argentine and a Spanish, decide to run away from their pimp. Having committed several serious crimes, they cannot go to the police for help. The series shows the brutal reality of prostitution.



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Actors and actresses ; veronica sanchez. Character: Coral ; Lali Esposito. Character: Wendy ; Yany Prado. Character: Gina ; Asier Etxeandia. Character: Romeo.

Sky Rojo, the series that will become Netflix’s next big hit

‘Sky Rojo’: Where have you seen the cast of the new Netflix series? ; 1 · Verónica Sánchez is Coral; 2 · Asier Etxeandia is Romeo; 3 Lali.

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Under the title of Red Sky, the new Vancouver production comes to Netflix skidding. But before going into detail, it is important to meet Wendy, Gina and Coral, three prostitutes who, after mortally wounding their pimp, decide to flee in a hurry. For its creators this hyperbolic punch is key. Partly for this reason, we decided to make it pulp and also go for black comedy. We know that it is a not very common genre in which there is a clear hyperbolization of violence.

Regardless of the blows, Red Sky has a hidden subtext. It is a series of excess, not only in violence but also in its settings, smells, costumes… It was something that we also needed after the year we have lived. He assures that apart from some stylistic resources, Red Sky has also been a radical change for him.

The use of voice-over, our vision of the feminine world, the moral ambiguity of the characters… When you make a series about a subject like prostitution, probably the chosen genre would be the social drama. But we with Red Sky decided on something completely different.

It seemed a challenge to us to create a series that, with a somewhat superficial action casing, could actually have a wild emotional depth. Pimp, cheeky and fearless, its format is also new. As if they were small adrenaline pills, the series bets on express action. From the team it is a task that has been carried out with great care and respect. The topic seemed very stimulating, with great points of interest. But of course, once the process has started, you realize that the depth of the topic has no limit.

The dumpster is so big that the rubbish splashes on you with every step you take. And what you thought you could do as comedy was maybe not funny or what you thought was emotional was actually bordering on crazy. For this reason, we wanted to make a separation between the fictitious and the reality of what it means at a social level.

Fully trust the team. On the other hand, for Asier, getting into the role of pimp has been complicated, but equally enjoyable. Such a complex character with so many edges is the best. makes you eat your head a lot. Still, it’s been exciting. The series is a constant non-stop.

No time for emotional silences. I have surprised myself to be able to be there and the super team that has worked with me. Asier adds to Enric’s words, adding that filming has been a constant learning. In Red Sky it is something that has worked very well.

In the end the series has created itself, like a monster. For this reason, it has that peculiar and different identity. Sometimes, I was afraid of not knowing the role, but if I was unsure I just had to lean on my colleagues and listen to them.

Although it seems like a series of extremes, Sky red also has room for grays. Enric assures that these are essential to understand each character. In the end, as an actor, it is the point where to hold on. He comments that it has been a decision full of courage and confidence.

Even so, I think that the pulp and colorful option has been a success. That constant third act feeling has allowed us to give it our all. Respect was essential to her. Just as the pulp genre can surprise the viewer, it also surprised us. It seems that such an issue can only be approached from social realism. But with red Sky there has been total respect.

Yany emphasizes that the success of the project lies in working side by side. I think that everyone here is a super dedicated and detail-oriented professional. Supporting my colleagues has been the best gift to make this boom. I can’t get over the emotion. For Esposito, Red Sky has meant his return to acting.

Convinced of the project, she did not hesitate to join the team from the beginning. When the offer came from Red Sky, it was hearing the story and feeling honored as an actress that they wanted to have me. The proposal to talk about an issue such as trafficking in women in the way they wanted to do it seemed exciting to me. At the beginning, we read many testimonials from women who have lived in that situation. Sara Solomando, our documentary maker, was in charge of passing us a material that is worth its weight in gold.

That gave us a ground on which to build our characters. Then you have to internalize and forget the pain caused by these testimonies to put your character at the service of the story you are telling. A lot of people know about drugs but they don’t say it, they’ve gone to hell but they don’t say it either. All these things are part of that world of the unspoken, dominated by shame and secrecy.

It seems to me that in a universe of so much human chaos and laziness such as prostitution everything fits. It is an underworld that you do not want to know anything about. They are dark universes where there is room for imbalances such as exploitation. It all has to do with that dirty aspect of societies that refuse to admit certain tastes. Alonso Munoz.

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