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90 Tattoos For Couples That Will Make You Fall In Love In 2022

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Designs and photos of small tattoos with meaning for couples such as rings, Celtic knots, life line, coordinates, dates.

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And of course, we can also bet on the small tattoo of hearts, something that is a clear.

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A tattoo that leads the couple to the kingdom of love. Source: two. Mr. and mrs.

Beautiful tattoos for couples with sacred Celtic symbols

A good idea to remove that fear is to get something small tattooed. The initials of your partner’s name or the abbreviation of a word that identifies you both can be a good example. A nice tattoo in which the silhouettes of a cat and a dog appear. Hearts are a universal symbol of love. In this case it is a design of a heart divided into two halves surrounded by a circular phrase that when joined is completed.

These designs should be made by the same tattoo artist so that it is the same drawing and font. In this case, they bet on a tattoo that has a design similar to a puzzle, so that one part of the couple carries the heart and the other, the missing piece. Funny heart-shaped tattoo split half with Mario Bros, the well-known video game character, and the other half of the heart with Princess Peach. In this case, the large tattoo that we see on the boy’s arm is different from the girl’s but the heart is the same.

An original design in which one of the members of the couple wears a heart filled with various colors, and the other, we see an empty heart relief. Tattoos for couples: Two halves tattoos In the tattoos by halves is where the couple shows their true personality, creativity, originality, and of course, their enormous sense of humor in many cases. A design that we liked a lot of tattoos for couples that complement each other, is the one you see here in which the boy has a circle and the girl has an X as if it were the game of three in a row.

I have to say that it is somewhat risky to tattoo a pizza in an area as visible as this, but for tastes, colors. or pizza. Or you can also tattoo characters that together make a couple just like you. The tattoos of keys with locks or keys with padlocks are very typical among tattoos for couples. It was not in vain that placing padlocks was a custom made by lovers who visited the Milvian Bridge in Rome.

ADVERTISEMENT To make two halves, you can also use your favorite movie or the first movie you watched together or whatever means something to you. For example, these Harry Potter fan boys decided to get a tattoo of the young wizard’s spell along with two very important symbols from the movie. These two girls wanted to wink at their childhood and they became two girls talking through glasses with thread.

If you like animals, you can also opt for this other tattoo. A lion and a lioness. Together and united thanks to this design in which each member of the couple has a tattooed animal, with an arrow that is exactly larger. Another option for tattoos in pairs is to choose something like what we see below. A beautiful tattoo that has the symbol of Ying and Yang that together are a whole.

An original design that can help us to always be united with our partner. It is enough for one of you to carry the animal man and the other the animal woman. Tattoos for couples: Twin tattoos In this case the couple uses the same drawing although they can change the proportions and colors of the tattoo and the area.

In the lower photo is the exact area and the same colors but in a different order. Original shared tattoos, but also colorful tattoos. This is the case of the design that you see below, with two circles in which the mixture of colors appears so that together they can form a rainbow full of love.

This type of tattoo is highly sought after in the Gothic or Emo look. An original tattoo below, which forms a heart topped by a male and a female deer looking at each other. The name of the couple and a phrase at the bottom of the tattoo have been included in the boy’s. The one of the girl is only the drawing, which is where you can appreciate the beauty of the design, which is cleaner without adding any phrase or word, only the drawing.

This tattoo for couples is undoubtedly ideal for you. A tattoo in which one of the members of the couple wears a tattoo with a heart pizza with a piece missing, which the other member of the couple has tattooed. Put to remember, what better to remember the date you met or the day you started dating or the day of your wedding.

The boy can be the animal in masculine and the girl in feminine or vice versa. Tattoos for original couples Tattoos we have seen that there are many. Can be. In the photo below, we see a lion tattoo design that is similar to the one we saw previously, which is presented cut, so that it is only complete when the two members of the couple join their arms.

In the design. A tattoo that has a design in which on one side we see some cables and on the other the connectors to plug them in. If you both have a bit gloomy tastes, these charming man and woman skulls are ideal. Fun, symbolic and only suitable for a couple with a lot of personality. Very similar to the skull tattoo but this time designed for lovers of poker or games of chance. The king and the queen. Another of kings, in this case, lions. For lovers of animals or Disney movies.

ANNOUNCEMENT Also within the original tattoos that we can suggest for couples, we have the option of choosing those that are specifically dedicated to couples who love food. This is the case of the tattoo that you can see below, in which we find a couple that combines the tattoo of a hamburger with that of a pizza.

Or we can also opt for watercolor tattoos that are now a trend given their originality. All tattoos have something to say. Although it is true that the message that a design sends us plays not only on the part of those who see it but, above all, on the part of those who wear it, that is, the couple who have decided to exhibit their love or their thoughts with a beautiful mark on her skin.

Do not miss: There are many tattoos for couples with meaning, as many as couples who love tattoos. But let’s look at a few examples. This seems to tell us this beautiful tattoo for two in the form of a rudder and anchor. Hobbies and beliefs bind a lot. That yes, discreet it is not. Not only for them, for many cultures it is. This crown tattoo is symbolic, and each of the members of the couple wears their crown in complement of their king and queen respectively. It is also imploring fate that our accomplice in life is always by our side.

Very similar to the previous one is this other tattoo for couples with meaning. The best way to shout to the world that another little person is your alter ego. Tattoos for love couples When we feel love we want one thing: that it be forever. Always together. And so that no one has any doubt, next to his initial, a heart.

An original tattoo that is perfect for couples, but also why not for couples of friends.