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Data for the Small Saver: The one who bet on the dollar in 2022, lost

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Small commercial premises in an excellent location on Calzada de las Bombas, almost on the corner with Cafetales, it has a large influx of pedestrians and vehicles, just.

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Bank / commercial premises for rent in an important commercial area of ​​Puebla, surrounded by plazas and shops such as vips, Bancomer, Santander, hsbc.

He was complicated for many sectors of the economy. The financial system was not left out of this scheme. The enormous number of exchange rate bonds ended up persuading this type of investor to keep their pesos in fixed terms or to resort to traditional caves to acquire dollars, in many cases, at prices well above those paid by the market.

But let’s see how the different investments for Argentines who had the possibility of saving some pesos to allocate them to the financial system ended the year. There are five traditional options used by a small and medium saver when investing. In any other example, the purchasing power of this type of investment was negative in terms of profitability, as a result of government interventions in the foreign exchange market. An index difficult to beat for small and medium savers who want to invest.

It is one of the traditional investments of the small and medium saver. With the salary pulverized in the country -especially within the private sector- the demand for dollars in the market was significantly restricted within this social segment. It ended in pesos with respect to the consolidated pesos at the end of Another alternative offered by many banks or financial entities for small and medium savers is investment in shares of local companies.

The shares of the state oil company YPF sank in the local and international markets during Banks and financial entities also offer this type of alternative that has already become popular among a segment of the middle class that wants to invest their savings.

The results in this segment were variable. Without a doubt, the lack of an economic guideline added to the exchange restrictions ended up affecting the results of the small and medium-sized savers who tried to maintain the purchasing power of their savings. For most analysts, an agreement with the IMF would include guidelines to start correcting economic imbalances, and in this scenario, an improvement in confidence could be aspired to.

This context would help many small and medium investors to protect themselves much better from the ups and downs of the Argentine economy.