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Tattoo: Skull Tattoo by Jai Cheong – Tattoos for Women. More information Diana Opazo Tattoos Tattoos, Small tattoos, Skull tattoos.

You dare to tattoo both legs? Mexican skulls with two different designs tattooed one on each leg. Feminine and petite design for the lower area of.

Apr 1, – Enjoy now the best small skull tattoos for women and men and learn about their real meaning in the.

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Skull tattoo designs are the most used by women, such as a skull made with fire, a perfect design for men or women.

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Enjoy now the best small skull tattoos for women and men and learn about their real meaning in.

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Meaning for women and men

People with skull tattoos often get carried away by instinct or purely aesthetic sense when tattooing and then give meaning to their tattoos. But there are some general meanings for skull tattoos. Many people consider these tattoos to mean death or anger.

Skull tattoos in ancient societies were conceived as a nod to the "great change" and the greatest change in life is the inevitability of death. Source: skullspiration Many religions have traditional meanings for skull tattoos. Traditionally, skull tattoos have represented triumph and rebellion, as used by pirates on their flags and in their tattoos.

Medium tattoo on arm of death The skull is frequently associated with the Day of the Dead in Mexico, a celebration of the life of those who have passed away. Medium catrina shoulder tattoo. Color realism, Christian Kurt Bieber. Game and catrina tattoo on arm. Fernando Morano. Mexican skull. catrina tattoo. Joel Federico Bieber. The best area to get a skull tattoo The truth is that because it is a very powerful and multifaceted motif, it looks great in different areas of the body.

Actually this affects both tattoos for women and men. skull tattoos on the neck skull tattoos on the neck. Pinterest Skull neck tattoos. Geometric Pinterest Skull Neck Tattoos. Medium skull tattoo on arm. Black and gray realism, H├ęctor Mateos. Large skull and tiger tattoo on shoulder and arm. Shoulder skull on arm and shoulder. Raul Leone. neotradi skull.