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How is the Soursop Cultivation? Soursop ~ Annona muricata Fruit Tree Soursop No BR Small Plant 6-10+ Potted ‘d: Patio, Lawn & Garden.

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As I said before, this can take years, from three to five and as time passes, you will have to fertilize and take care of the plant and the land together to obtain fruits. ~ soursop ~ Annona muricata no Guanabana BR small 6 – 10 + in pot ‘d Plant Fruit Tree: Everything else.

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It is also recommended to apply urea, in small amounts. Applications are made every four months to ensure that the plant has the.

How is the cultivation of soursop? | Gardening On

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Origin of soursop

It can reach a height close to 10 meters, although its average height is usually between 6 and 8 meters. It has hard, oblong or elliptical leaves that are between 5 and 15 centimeters long. These are smooth in texture and grow alternately on the thin branches. The flowers, which sprout from the same branches, are solitary and measure about 3 cm.

This flower is made up of three sepals and the moment of pollen release occurs together with its opening in the hours of dawn. The shape of this fruit is usually oval and symmetrical, but this symmetry can be affected by different inconveniences, such as the attack of pests or a difference in the pollination of its different faces. Inside this we will see that it has white pulp with many ovoid and flattened seeds. In its composition, the soil must be sandy and have good drainage characteristics.

Also and especially in this case of being grown in a pot, the use of fertilizers is recommended, which provide phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Collection It is known that the time of collection can be between 70 and days after flowering. The recognition of the moment in which the fruit is to be harvested, experts say that in its ripe state its color, which is bright throughout the process, becomes opaque.

It can also be multiplied through grafting, a method that demonstrates great effectiveness. Hardiness We are talking about a plant that develops in tropical climates and that is why it has no chance of resisting a frost. It is a plant that develops at altitudes from 0 to meters above sea level. Properties This characteristic makes it special for making sauces and accompaniments for meats such as pork and many other dishes.

It is also known to provide benefits for the nervous system and that is why it is often used as an infusion as a sedative and as an aid to falling asleep. Due to its great contribution of nutrients and vitamins, it is very beneficial for different types of health problems, among which are the following: Its properties to treat respiratory problems make it very beneficial for people with asthma attacks.

They stop the increase in blood glucose, so it is good for diabetes and hypoglycemia treatments. It regulates the pressure of our arteries and that is why it is used for hypertension problems. This makes it very good for treatments against all kinds of degenerative diseases and also for cardiovascular conditions.

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