Smartest Zodiac Signs


Libra: The Solution Finder.

But when it comes to intelligence, which sign has more intelligence?? Aquarius and Scorpio are the smartest zodiac signs, astrologers say.

Virgo: the critic and analyst.

Leo: the king of cunning.

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Gemini: dual intelligence.

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I am talking about the signs of the zodiac that do not keep anything to themselves, those that have the gift of communication and do not care if they meet your expectations or not. They are exceptional, having them on your list of friends is synonymous with good sense, following what your heart dictates and accepting the consequences without looking for blame, because they always see the pros and cons of everything.

Sometimes they ignore you because they don’t have time to deal with such closed minds. It is a very intellectual sign, so the number of topics they handle knows no limits. Geminis want their steps to leave a mark, their conversations to change lives, and their ideas to become projects. It is the sign that when he feels comfortable he lets himself go and makes you see perspectives of life that you never imagined.

He is stubborn, when he wants to communicate something he does it without filters and in such an intelligent way that he leaves you without a single argument. Yes, many times they ignore because they don’t want people who increase chaos in their days. When you want your ideas and opinions to be heard, you do not take your finger off the line.

It is one of those who are not afraid of arguments, they leave you with your mouth open and without a single weapon of defense. Without a doubt, it is something that comes naturally to him, he does not mind being the center of attention one bit. He learned a long time ago that people are never pleased and that you cannot wear yourself out for someone who is not worth it. Once you hit the brakes nobody stops you. It is a sign that has ideas desperate to be heard.

Their creativity and imagination leads them to come up with the best projects. They go slowly but they don’t stop, they are the ones who talk about it all the time until it becomes reality. They believe in themselves and that is the reason why it is difficult for anyone to defeat them. They are very intelligent and patient, preferring to keep their plans and let their success speak for itself.