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Public company for the management of environmental services related to the circular economy.

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mobility with passion. TERSA is a Group that begins with the dream of our Founding Executive President, Rodrigo Valle Hernández in Tijuana.

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With a history of many successes and growth, the TERSA Tires unit now has a national coverage of 7 states with more than

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michel pistor. Since he was young, he had been lucky enough to see and learn about the benefits of localized injectable medicines in small doses, to solve different pains and diseases. Thanks to this innovative technique, he was able to cure the hearing deficiencies of many patients who lived in the town where he worked as a doctor.

Although this technique was invented in until it is not recognized by the Academy of Medicine. Its name comes from the area where the injections are made, which is derived from the embryonic mesoderm. It serves to improve the effects of the passing of the years, but it also serves to prevent aging, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

It is used to eliminate cellulite, flaccidity and localized fat, this does not mean that it has slimming properties, to achieve better results you can follow a balanced diet, without alcohol and drink plenty of water to eliminate dissolved fat immediately after treatment, and days later. to eliminate toxins naturally.

The real difference is found in the injectable liquids, a different cocktail is made depending on the patient and the area in which the mesotherapy treatment is performed. This treatment has no side effects derived from the drug. I specify this because bruises can come out from the punctures, but nothing from what they inject.

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