Snow Point

How to Make Egg Whites

Name given to egg whites beaten to a firm consistency, which are used to prepare numerous desserts and pastry preparations.

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1State that reaches the white of an egg after beating it until it takes consistency, thickness and color similar to that of snow. beat the egg whites to the point.

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We present you a video with a trick so that the whites at the point of snow do not resist you and you can use them in the elaborations that need it.

Tips for whipping egg whites to stiff peaks. Discover the step by step to mount egg whites to snow point in our Cooking School.

How to whip egg whites to stiff peaks | PequeRecipes

Preparation of the whites to the point of snow Separate the whites from the yolks in a couple of containers. Put the egg whites in a large and clean container. add a.

Ingredients for 1 large bowl

We reserve the egg yolks to prepare another type of recipe, for example: some delicious homemade custard. In the bowl where we have the egg whites we add a pinch of salt, very little. We will gradually increase the speed until we beat vigorously, until the whites begin to foam. We continue beating, we will see that the egg whites begin to take consistency, we already have almost the egg whites well whipped. Tips for whipping stiff egg whites Egg temperature: Eggs must be at room temperature.

Some cooks recommend using very cold egg whites, others say that the temperature does not influence the whipping. From my experience I can say that egg whites at room temperature mount perfectly. Trick to help the egg whites mount: To help the egg whites mount, add a pinch of salt before starting to beat. Pasteurized egg whites: If you are going to use the egg whites in any preparation that does not require cooking, it is advisable to use pasteurized egg whites, the ones that are sold in jars, to eliminate the risk of salmonella.

At that time you can increase the speed and continue beating until the egg whites are so firm that when you turn the bowl they do not move a bit. It is convenient that the movements of the rods are enveloping. Egg yolks are not used in this preparation, but we will reserve them to prepare some custard, Catalan cream, pastry cream..