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Photos: Who Is And What Does Manolo González, The Handsome Son Of Sofía Vergara?

sofia-vergara. Sofía Vergara demonstrates with this photo how little has changed in 20 years sofia-vergara-young VIEW GALLERY.

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Sofía Vergara, that young blonde (PHOTOS). She is currently one of the most beloved actresses in Latin America, but to reach such a level.

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The actress has shared a memory of the 90s and her fans joke that she is a vampire; sofia-vergara-souvenir. © @sofiavergara.

Sofía Vergara is recognized for her participation in Modern Family. The young man studied Film Direction and Production, and in several.

Photos: who is and what does Manolo González, the handsome son of Sofía Vergara?

July 10 is the birthday of the Colombian actress and to celebrate her day we wanted to search for some of her secrets to.

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The now 48-year-old woman, equally beautiful, caused reactions among her followers for her slender body. sofia vergara in bikini. Before the revealing image, her followers admired the toned abdomen of the woman in the brown bikini she wore. In the other image, Vergara can be seen looking young at the beginning of his career in the United States.

In the photo, the woman wears a purple shirt and several necklaces accompanying the wardrobe in the best Barranquilla style. Photo of Sofía Vergara in the Being there, she served as the presenter of several game shows. Since , she has worked as an actress for the humorous series Modern Family, which made her take off to fame and become for a time the best paid actress on television in that country. The actress and businesswoman wants to destroy them.

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