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25 Soho Shops You Can’t Miss

Acne. 33 Greene St. New York, NY.

We share with you our insider list of the best shops and boutiques in SoHo Butique de Ganni on Mercer Street, SoHo.

alexander wang. grand st. Manhattan, NY

Anine Bing. 81 Greene Street. New York, NY

The best plans for shopping in Soho – special for girls in New York

Anthom. 25 Mercer Street. New York, NY

Dumbbell Shrug

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With this new article, Floriane offers us a visit to Soho, where she lives. Soho is an excellent area for shopping. They are of good quality and well made. Uniqlo : Uniqlo has cheap clothes in New York. sell clothing and accessories. I love the bags, jewelry and shoes in this store. It is not very cheap, but it has an almost permanent sales area to find good deals.

Aritzia: is a Canadian chain with exclusive brands. Silk blouses and dresses are very pretty. It also has trendy tee-shirts. The good thing is that it always has sales. However, the Soho store is not the best in New York. Strolling the backstreets and shopping in Soho west of Broadway Moving away from Broadway, you change your clothing line.

I like to walk among the famous cast-iron buildings, they are typical Soho buildings. It is the preferred brand for accessories of New Yorkers. Piperlime: it is a multi-brand store of the GAP group. Clothes have various styles and various prices. the store is very nice. Nike House of Innovation – If you are looking for a trendy pair of Nikes, you have to go to Nike.

The Evolution Store – sells curios, skeletons, fossils and minerals, world map, and weird decor items. Children always love to see these curiosities. Anna Sui : The first store of the American stylist Anna Sui opened in Soho in the The clothes are quite expensive but the decoration of the store is worth a visit: lavender walls, red floor, black antique furniture and the doll-headed mannequins.

Badichi Belts – The concept of Badichi Belts is to sell customizable belts. Benefits Cosmetics – I guess you already know this brand with its special packaging. It has better prices in the United States than in Europe, I don’t know with Latin America. So much shopping whets the appetite.

Hampton Chutney : it is one of my favorite restaurants. Perfect for a drink after the shopping marathon. It lends itself very well for a dinner, a lunch and for a brunch its pancakes are very rich. Map of the different places Pour faciliter l’impression de cet article, nous en avons masqué les photos et divers other eléments les plus coûteux en encre. But it was in Bordeaux where I met Alex, we decided to put together our experience of New York and propose our best plans for you to organize your next trip to the wonderful city that never sleeps.