Son Of Lucia Mendez

They assure that Luis Miguel had a son with Lucía Méndez

The son that Lucía Méndez had with the producer Pedro Torres, will make the singer and actress a grandmother, and she announced it on networks.

Mexican actress and singer Lucía Méndez responded to rumors that her only son, Pedro Antonio Torres, is the product of a.

Like never before, Lucía Méndez shares the challenges she faced as a mother after her divorce from Pedro Torres, in an interview with the program.

It was running, when two of the Mexican stars of the moment, Luis Miguel and Lucía Méndez, had a torrid but brief romance, of which.

What happened between Vicente Vallés and his ex-wife, Lucía Méndez?

The singer Lucía Méndez used her social networks to attack the media that published that the father of her son could be Luis.

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All this has aroused interest in him and, of course, in his personal life. In this area, the steps of his ex-wife, Lucía Méndez, are striking. Vallés was previously married to Lucía Méndez, a well-known journalist from ‘El Mundo’, a native of Zamora and well-known. Author of three books, she is today a regular collaborator in political gatherings on the small screen.

Little has transpired about the relationship between the journalists and their marriage, but everything seems to indicate that they did not end well, judging by her behavior. This summer, Méndez published a column in the aforementioned newspaper that seemed to be dedicated to her ex-husband, since he used the same reasoning that Vallés’s detractors use when they attack him. Can’t even compare. Well, it’s not that bad. We wanted to tell the things that happened. And we have ended up believing ourselves to be the very incarnation of freedom of expression in the face of the bad guys who want to take it away from us.

A little humility, colleagues, we are not that important either", writes Méndez, who adds that "In the past, directors or editors could be news. Now any journalist can be news, and there are many who seek to be news because they cannot be anything else. Although the two are quite hermetic with their private lives, the truth is that, at least a priori, they have nothing to do with each other.

It was little by little when they began to connect and then they began a sentimental relationship. It is known that they have a house located between Encinar de los Reyes and Valdefuentes, an area near Las Tablas, where the Telecinco sets are located. Celebrities Television Vicente Vallés Post navigation.

They assure that Lucía Mendez’s son is equal to Luis Miguel