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“Loki”: Sophia Di Martino Clarifies That Her Character Is Not ‘Lady Loki’

The actress says she always knew there would be divided opinions about Sylvie and Loki’s (allegedly incestuous) romance.

During the filming of the series ‘Loki’ Tom Hiddleston saved Briana Darnell, Sophia Di Martino’s stunt double and so he has shared this.

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Sophia DiMartino is 37 years old and acted as a secondary actress in more than 25 series until she got a contract with Disney. "It took me a while.

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A photo of Sophia Di Martino and Tom Hiddleston behind the scenes of #Loki.

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One of the new characters that were introduced to us in the show in question, was the one we have called Lady Loki. Now, thanks to the actress, we know that it would not really be correct to name her like that. It was in an interview with Variety where Sophia Di Martino clarified that her role was created specifically for the show and that it is not a version of the comics. Sylvie has a completely different background than Loki.

She is a different person and that was really important to us from the beginning. And so, I wanted to make her my own character. You’re going to see that at times throughout the series, Tom and I are going to do similar things, like the fact that our physical qualities are similar or when you see our choreographed fight scenes.

Let’s be reflections of each other. And all of that will be intentional. Sophia DiMartino for Variety. Di Martino has an extensive television career. Although he has been in movies, the small screen is his space. Mainly he stood out for having small appearances in television shows and rarely got the main role.