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“This Time Gretel Takes Care of Hansel”: Sophia Lillis

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Hugh Grant and Sophia Lillis in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ while the 19-year-old actress will have an as-yet-unknown role.

Hugh Grant and Sophia Lillis in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ while the 19-year-old actress will have an as-yet-unknown role.

She started her acting career at the of seven, when her stepfather her to take acting classes at Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in.

"This time Gretel is the one who takes care of Hansel": Sophia Lillis | THE VIEWER

At just 15 years old, American actress Sophia Lillis Lillis plays Beverly Marsh in the new film adaptation of.

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Writing a chat with Sophia Lillis says she planned to stay in acting for a year. Now he wants to stay in the industry. I thought the story was interesting and I liked the character. But I really liked the director, Osgood Perkins.

That’s what really made me want to be a part of this project. When we spoke, I could see myself working with him. He was fun and intriguing, and I thought I’d love to spend two months working on a project with him. We talked about the character, his vision for the film and where it was going to be filmed in Ireland. Then we talk about anything and everything, just a normal conversation. And I also had to tell him my ideas about the character.

I’ve always worked on these very strong and independent characters. Gretel is similar in that sense. In a sense, Osgood turned this short fairy tale into something else entirely. I just tried to follow it and do my best to help tell it. There’s not much about her in the original story – she’s just the little sister who follows her brother into the woods. The director turned her into a real character. This time Gretel is the one who takes care of Hansel. She is the one who takes the initiative and has to make her own decisions.

That’s why it’s Gretel and Hansel instead of Hansel and Gretel. It just happened slowly. I signed up for acting classes because I wasn’t very good at speaking. I slurred and scrambled my words and my mother thought it would be good for me to go out and speak in front of people. She felt that it would help me in some way, and I think it did to some extent. But it also gave me something that I love to do and allowed me to meet so many people that I can now call them friends.

When I started I was going to do it for a year. Now I hope to do it forever Hopefully. Somehow it put me in the spotlight, it gave me a job, it took me to other projects, it took me to Gretel and Hansel. Personally though, it didn’t really change my life much. I think so. I’ve thought a lot about that. Especially now that I’m turning 18 and legally an adult actress. It’s kind of a strange change. I can no longer consider myself a child actress. I’ve thought about it a lot, now that I’m out of high school early: what I really want to do with my life, if I want to keep doing this.

Even though it’s a challenge, it’s something I really love to do. And I feel like, if I hadn’t started acting, I wouldn’t have experienced as much as I have. So I think I want to continue. I feel like I’m going to do all I can now that I’m getting out of high school. I’m not as tough as any of them. I feel like they’re very independent and strong characters, and I think it’s because they don’t really have anyone to support them.

I have my mother, my brother, my family, my friends, I have people who support me in my life. I find those kinds of characters interesting, because they look nothing like me, but they make me want to become them. Before that, I didn’t really watch a lot of horror movies, but I liked Tim Burton when I was a kid. I don’t know if you would consider his movies as horror movies.

But I liked that kind of creepy element in them. I always enjoyed that as a kid and I guess that kind of influences me now. I liked your short films. I especially liked Stainboy. I still have these little figures that I collected of each character. I love your art too. I have a big book of your artwork at home.

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