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I am me. You are you. I am not in this world to meet your expectations. You are not in this world to fulfill mine. You are you. Me.

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“I used to believe in a true soulmate, but I don’t anymore. I think you can have some.". Paul Walker. "Give him.

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More phrases of soul mates · Every step I took was only to find you, now I feel full and complete because you complete me in all aspects. · Yes.

Many times a lesson is often confused with having found your other half. I always doubted the fact of needing someone to feel complete, because I fed my soul with other energies and I managed to be stable. Until in an instant you appeared in my destiny, and then your departure made me understand that without you I was never happy.

They did everything to continue on different paths but they never succeeded, because each time there was the desire to meet again to be united as in their first opportunity. Two soul mates when they finally get the bond, there are no methods for them to distance themselves again. Being united does not mean having a physical connection but rather a spiritual one, let us remember that we are energy and the body is only something earthly. We are like two lit fuses that when they come together light up the dark path.

Life is contemplated through times and ages, but the spirit is not, for that reason love has no limits. It is amazing that your soul mate can also present itself in friendship, since in friendship there is also love. Two spirits that were separated at birth have the responsibility of meeting on the paths and paths of life.

The twin beings are pure energy of good, that when they fall in love there is no circumstance that makes them stop loving each other. In these moments, it no longer matters what may happen, because at last I have you by my side and I will never let you escape. How beautiful it would be to run into the right person, who only with facts shows you that he accepts you as and as you are. Soulmate texts to dedicate You impacted my life because you are the reflection of what I really am and that made me love you instantly.

Distance only separates bodies, but it never does that with souls, because their connection cannot be broken. Love is an energy shared by two souls. Friendships are particles of your own soul, for that reason having a friendship is having another better half. I have finally found you after searching for you so much, now I ask you to fight to stay. Connecting with your soulmate is finding two lost keys, one key that opens your heart, and the other opens that special someone’s.

The feeling of being in love arises after a need to find what you need so much, to feel good and happy. Fate is sometimes so cruel that it takes away from your life what it cost you so much to achieve, change and even adapt. Empathy is reflected so much in our looks, that seeing you makes me reflect myself in another body.

Phrases of soul mates that meet Affinity is born of energy, for that reason we must follow our feelings before our impulses. Not all soul mates end up united, many times they end up in different times and spaces.

Two beings destined to be together have similar interests, they attract each other not only physically and sexually, but also through their spirits, and their looks. If loving each other is an energy, then I never want that energy to end between the two of us.

Now I understand why they call you my soul mate, and it’s because you make my whole life better. Our red thread finally shrunk, so it’s better to fill you with kisses, my love. If mistakes separate us, solutions and forgiveness bring us back together, because it is inevitable given the great love we feel.

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