Spaghetti With 3 Cheeses

Three Cheese Pasta

Ingredients · 1 Container of CARNATION® CLAVEL® Evaporated Milk (g) · 1 Can of NESTLÉ Media Crema · 1/2 Cup of Water · 1 Package of Cream Cheese at room temperature.

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Our recipe for spaghetti with shrimp in cheese sauce and Knorr® is perfect for a special celebration. Prepare it and enjoy with your family!

If you are a cheese lover, its sauce includes Parmesan, Manchego and mozzarella cheese. When you heat this paste again, add more milk, so that it does not.

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Spaghetti in 3 Cheese Sauce The pasta is low in sodium. · It has a medium glycemic index (50 IG) so it will not drastically raise your levels of.

Spaghetti in 3 Cheese Sauce | Chef Oropeza

Discover how to prepare creamy three-cheese spaghetti, with Parmesan, mozzarella and cream cheese. We tell you the recipe step by step.

Spaghetti Recipe with 3 Cheeses

Once the water boils, add the pasta. While the pasta is cooking we will prepare the sauce it will take about 8 minutes to make it We put the Parmesan in the glass and grate it programming 10 seconds, speed 8. We take out and reserve. We put the rest of the cheeses in the glass. We program 5 seconds, speed 6. Add the milk and butter. Once the pasta is cooked, we drain it, we can use the varoma container to drain it, and we put it in a bowl to mix it with the sauce.

Also add the Parmesan and mix. We serve immediately. Notes If we keep the sauce in the fridge it will thicken. We will have to heat it when we want to consume it, although it is best to take it freshly made. Equivalences with TM21 Discover other recipes from: Rice and Pasta , International Cuisine The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics.

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