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Everything We Know About The Crazy Cast Of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Thanks to this small glimpse of the history of The Darkhold, we have been able to see this destiny for the character of Spiderman.

Along with this it also brought a number of versions of Loki, including the classic comics Kid Loki and a charismatic lizard who.

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson Emma Stone.

Along with this it also brought a number of versions of Loki, including the classic comics Kid Loki and a charismatic lizard who.

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Eddie Brock/Venom: Harry Osborn/ Green Goblin: Morbius: Frank Castle/ Punisher: Spider-Man’s team-up with Flint Marko/Sandman.

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Heroes and villains, allies alike, and a perfect Spider-Man team-up. In the first story, they join forces to stop the Sandman. A team-up of Spider-Man with a hero of colossal strength: the Hulk. On several occasions, the Emerald Colossus and the friendly neighbor Spider-Man shared vignettes. One of them takes place in Marvel Team Up Peter Parker is very concerned about the recent news about Spider-Man being imprisoned.

It is done with the necessary credentials and investigates what is happening. When he arrives at the scene, he finds himself face to face with his boss, J. Jameson and with Ned Leeds. Bruce Banner, turned into the emerald giant, is in New York with the Defenders. As if that were not enough, the Chameleon crosses his path.

Aware of this, he disguises himself as Rick Jones and lies to free Joe. Peter Parker hides in plain sight, puts on the Spider-Man suit and goes out to meet the Hulk to try to stop him and prevent him from freeing Joe. Peter Parker, affected by the death of Gwen Stacy, is attacked by scientists belonging to I. Precisely, I. The two face the sorcerer Xandu.

The victim, apparently a helpless old man, reveals his true identity: Xandu. He exercises mind control over him for one purpose: to retrieve the Crystal of Kadavus, guarded in the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange. You try to stop him but you can’t. Peter, for his part, tries to help him because the former is very weak. He takes him to his apartment and, after waking up, watches the android have epileptic seizures.

Philip Masters, the Puppet Master. Villain, by the way, who has appropriated the technology of an alien ship. The story begins like this: Cotton Mather lures Magneto’s daughter to Doctor Doom’s castle. Cotton goes to great lengths to control his mind. For her part, she asks for help using her powers. The mystical energy orb comes face-to-face with Spider-Man and whisks him to Doctor Doom’s fortress.

Once there, Spider-Man tries to stop Cotton with the help of Wanda. But they can’t get the victory. However, in the best possible moment, he saves his life thanks to Iron Man. Iron Man doubts his innocence and Spider-Man does not react very well to the accusations.

Captain Jean DeWolff intervenes in the plot by investigating a set of threats directed at wealthy business owners. Peter Parker ends up exhausted from patrolling the city. About to start studying, he sees a group of criminals in disguise fleeing in the middle of a robbery. Can’t find out who the robbers work for.

Keniuchio knocks down the wall-crawler. They both decide to catch him. Before starting to talk about this Spider-Man team-up, it should be clarified that at this time, Carol Danvers was not Captain Marvel but Ms. Spider-Man knows this thanks to his friend, Captain Jean DeWolff. As if that were not enough, a group of strange soldiers roam New York.

Odin’s son fights them all and finds out who their leader is: Krylik. Spider-Man’s team-up, with Thor as an ally to fight against the troll army that wants to conquer Aasgard is sensational. A marvel.

Shocker: Unbelievable but true. In Web of Spider-Man, Shocker realizes that he cannot control his vibration waves. A circumstance that endangers everyone who is nearby. Doctor Octopus: Otto Octavius ​​and Peter Parker, in their corresponding alter-egos, have been enemies for decades. However, in , specifically in The Amazing Spider-Man vol. Kingpin: Spider-Man’s team-up with Wilson Fisk became a reality despite having clashed on several occasions.

Oddly enough, Spider-Man teams up with Doctor Doom to fight Dark Rider, who is responsible for altering the past. During the journey, Peter makes a fatal mistake: Morwen, a powerful sorceress, has been freed. Afterwards, she takes over the body of an innocent girl. Morwen offers Peter the whole world on a platter. He refuses to accept her gift and the sorceress threatens to kill him. That’s when Spider-Man pays Stephen Strange a visit. But master of the mystic arts is not in his usual residence.

Suddenly, a boy who appears out of nowhere undergoes a transformation and reveals his true identity: Loki. Peter, of course, is opposed to it. Peter travels to a land parallel to his own. To the world where Miles Morales lives. To Mysterio. Deadpool: There are several times that both have coincided.

Someone hires Deadpool for a person whose identity is revealed at the end of the comic to kill Spider-Man. However, at one point, the loudmouth mercenary looks at his watch and realizes that an hour has passed. During the fight a fourth character crosses his path: Spidey-Ru. My enemy is my best ally. However, the relationship between the two changed radically with the arrival of Carnage.

After a short-lived fight, Venom allies himself with Peter upon learning of Cletus Kasady’s killing of innocents. When victory seems to be getting away from both of them, Harry Osborn bursts onto the scene as the Green Goblin. Morbius: Deadly Enemies Since their first meeting in the early 1970s, the relationship between hero and villain has changed over time. Cletus Kasady organized around him a group of supervillains. Composed, among others, by Demoduende, Grito and Carrion.

Both characters would coincide again on several occasions and the relationship between the two would not be very cordial. But that’s another story. However, the relationship between the two would change over time. Together they would fight side by side in the continuous gangster wars of New York.

In Marvel Team-Up, he rebuilds his life by finding a job and a house to live in. Crossovers between publishers. Spider-Man does the same but with Doctor Octopus. Both villains coincide in prison. They agree not only to escape but also to defeat their respective enemies.

Superman blames Spider-Man for the kidnapping of both and the fight between the two is inevitable. The fight ends and the two wake up in Lex’s space base. After realizing the deception, they face their respective enemies. Spider-Man was not going to be less. In a comic published in September The story begins with the two heroes waking up from terrible nightmares. On the one hand, Peter watches as his uncle Ben has been killed by the Joker. For his part, Bruce Wayne witnesses the death of his parents by Carnage.

The subconscious has not betrayed them. Both receive notice of an upcoming double threat in a fast-paced adventure not suitable for the faint of heart. He has also done it with characters from the Editorial Image. One of the chosen ones was Backlash.

To kill them and take revenge for a series of pending accounts. Backlash has no choice but to find an ally in Spider-Man himself. There are comics in which the character in question joins forces with Wolverine, the X-Men and with the X-Force. In this crossover, Badrock teams up with Peter Parker’s alter-ego to take on a gang of villains led by Mysterio.

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