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Marvel: Which Characters Appeared In Silhouette At The End Of Spider-Man: No Way Home?

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Villains and allies are the Marvel characters that we could recognize among all the silhouettes that appeared at the end of No Way Home.

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They reveal the identity of some of the silhouettes of villains tested in They warn that Spiderman: No Way Home torrents are.

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The villains that will appear in the future of Spidey?

Three weeks after the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters, the film has already exceeded two million viewers in Argentina, remains very high in the world box office and breaks records. Despite its premiere in a pandemic, the success of this new Marvel and Sony installment is undeniable and never ceases to amaze.

Strange, the multiverse is a concept we know alarmingly little about. As we know, Sony has every intention of moving forward with its own Spider-Man universe. However, this seems to be just the beginning. Strange a solution to fix the spell and thus restore reality and the limits of that world. At that moment, when they show a large violet crack in the sky, we could see several silhouettes related in one way or another to Peter Parker who try to cross over to the universe of the film.

Since the premiere, many fans tried to figure out who these silhouettes belonged to and discover what upcoming projects and characters may be added to Sony in the future. Something that defines Kraven the Hunter is his honor when hunting. Jameson to find out how Peter Parker managed to take pictures of Spider-Man. After a while, Jameson offered Gargan money to undergo an experiment that would give him the power to get rid of Spider-Man. However, he turned into a scorpion-like monster and wanted revenge on Jameson, as he blamed him for everything.

This character is one of the main villains of Spider-Man. In Spider-Man: Homecoming let’s remember that we saw Mac Gargan, played by Michael Mando, who had a scorpion tattoo on his neck. Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich in the comics is a Russian mobster chosen to undergo a series of chemical and radiation experiments, which transformed him into a superhuman agent who has nearly impenetrable artificial skin and super strength. This skin, which also serves as armor, was inspired by that of a rhinoceros, hence its name Rhino.

Black Cat Felicia Hardy, like her father Walter, is a great white-collar thief. Athlete and expert in martial arts, Black Cat after undergoing a rigorous physical training regimen, increased her strength, endurance and agility. She was related to Spider-Man in many ways, she was a villain, an ally, a friend and a girlfriend. His greatest power lies in his agility, his strategic ability and the mental manipulation he exerts on his enemies.

However, let’s not forget that this character also exists in the same place, and even city, as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Blind from birth, Cassandra began having visions of her clairvoyant abilities and found that they more than compensated for her blindness.

Thus, Webb became a professional medium. Decades later, Cassandra was affected by a degenerative disease that collapsed her central nervous system, disabling the use of her body. Share it with whoever you want.

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