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What was the name of the spongebob crab? Spongebob Main Characters

Stephen Hillenburg began his animation career in , studying experimental animation at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia and earned his.

Sponge is studying at the School of Navigation, trying in vain to get his license. Spongebob is an eternal optimist.

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haha, I didn’t know there were people studying today’s animated series!! According to an academic: Steven Universe and SpongeBob are the two series that support.

What was the name of the spongebob crab? Spongebob Main Characters

He began his animation career in , studying experimental animation at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia and earned his.

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two. Patrick has an older sister, Sam

SpongeBob Main Characters Leave a comment 6, For about fifteen years, Stephen Hillenburg, an animator by profession and a marine biologist by vocation, came up with an idea that would later become a cult cartoon.

SpongeBob SquarePants premiered in May on Nickelodeon. Cartoon hero personality SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is an organism of marine origin, and not at all of culinary origin, as one might think.

Our hero has a number of abilities: he arbitrarily changes the shape of the body, the length of the limbs, he knows how to stick his hands into himself. Workplace – restaurant "krusty Krab". The position is cook. Our cartoon hero has repeatedly been awarded the title of "Employee of the Month" one. Spongebob is an eternal optimist. He is kind, hard-working and naive. Sometimes these qualities let you down. For example, when he was persuaded to go on strike and accepted, not knowing what it was.

Sometimes suffers from excessive energy, where it is not needed. Very sociable, makes a strange dolphin laugh this annoys some. Not a bad guitarist and vocalist. Masterfully plays the ukulele. Hobbies and Interests Favorite Hobby SpongeBob SquarePants Jellyfish Hunting. Favorite hobby of our character. I managed to catch and release all the inhabitants of the Medusa Fields.

Sponge communicated with the Queen and the King of Medusa. In this important matter, Patrick helped him several times. It is capable of blowing objects of various sizes and shapes. When they explode, they emit sounds of various shades. Once SpongeBob created a humanoid bubble with a mind. The bubble did not attract the local population and was forced to leave Bikini Bottom in a soapy taxi.

An illustrative case is when Bob burst a bubble that contained all the inhabitants of the town. A hobby that brings Bob and Patrick together. Sometimes Squidward joins the game. watch tv shows. Bob’s training partner is Sandy the squirrel. Despite the apparent frailty, the cartoon hero once got so carried away with martial arts that he beat up Mr. Crab, Squidward, the restaurant visitors and almost got fired.

At driving school, Mrs. Puff teaches Sponge. Dream square character – learn to drive a boat. Until now, the fantasy is unattainable, although in one of the episodes he controls the floating ship blindfolded. Together with her pet snail Gary, she settled down on Conch Street in a spacious "pineapple house".

Interestingly, the cartoon underwater city is located near a real-life island: Bikini Atoll. The population of the village is anthropomorphic representatives of the deep sea. There are no other differences with human cities. Inside Bikini Bottom, the atomic bombs exploded repeatedly and the townspeople were attacked by the Alaska bovine worm. The friends go to Sandy’s squirrel with containers on their heads and filled with water.

Not far from the city there is a dark blue reservoir called "mud lagoon". Square Pants is an old and respected family. Here are some facts about Bob’s predecessors taken separately. Sponge Gar. Bob’s distant ancestor. sponge buck. great liberator. He became famous for having saved the Dead Eye Gorge from the plankton ancestor dictator.

Stanley S. A modern relative of our hero, namely cousin Breaks everything he touches. black Jack. Bob’s other cousin. Black Jack’s parents are Larry Squarepants and his wife. As a child, he often bullied Bob. Having matured and matured, he stepped on a criminal path, rewound his sentence in prison. Patrick Star Character Environment. Sponge’s best friend, starfish. Dressed in Hawaiian shorts.

boring but conscientious. He knows how to waste time professionally, he doesn’t think, he eats a lot. There are no goals in life. Home snail Spongebob. Meow, equipped with a built-in hedgehog. She taught the owner the art of tying shoelaces. Bob’s neighbor and co-worker. harmful octopus. He lives in a stone idol brought from Easter Island. try to play the clarinet. arrogant snob. Sandy Squirrel. One of Bob’s best friends.

native to texas. Eugene Crab. The culinary boss that Sponge works for. Sheldon Plankton. Failed enslaver of the world, restaurant owner "Garbage Bucket". There is a spouse – Curren computer. Navigation School Teacher, Porcupine Fish. Courtship object by Eugene Krabs. a very sane character. This was said in the comments to special issue DVD.

It is customary to call it sin, but we continue to believe that this is art. Squidward – Anger This guy could play the lead role in the movie "Anger and Loathing in Bikini Bottom". Plankton – envy Envy Mr. The Crab, because he has success, clients, power, and girls, and Plankton has cobwebs, decay, and a robot wife who only does what she sees.

Gary – Gluttony Fact: The purpose of this creature’s life is to fill its stomach. Very often, when Gary appears in the frame, SpongeBob says that the snail should be given something to eat. At the same time, when his self-importance is hurt, the expression on his face becomes such that he immediately wants to apologize for something.

Patrick has an older sister, Sam, although I prefer to call her big sister. Sam speaks mainly with threatening sounds. SpongeBob turns 30 this year Judging by Sponge’s driver’s license, Sponge’s birthday is July 14 Patrick weighs only 56 grams OR 2 ounces. It says so on your driver’s license. SpongeBob worked at the Krusty Krab for 31 years. Said he had received Employee of the Month awards. he is an octopus. And it has 6 limbs, not 8, as it should be, because "it looked too brutal".

Bonus note – SpongeBob in Portuguese