Squat For Adductors

Strengthen Your Adductors With Squat Sumo

How to do it? Start by doing a semi.

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Initial and final position in the adductor machine. Weighted sumo squat start and finish positions.

The 16 best exercises for adductors

Squats are complex multi-joint exercises, it is not an isolation exercise for the gluteus-quadriceps, and as such it should be treated and.

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The best exercises for adductors

Strengthen your adductors with the sumo squat 4 minutes Although it may seem similar to the squat in appearance, the main difference from the sumo squat is the position of the feet and hands. The separation of the feet is greater and the arms are at chest height. To achieve these benefits, the sumo squat is a mandatory movement within the work plans of many highly competitive athletes.

The same goes for those people who work hard to get the perfect body. It is one of the variants of the traditional squat. Both are exercises that were designed primarily to strengthen the lower body, as well as to provide balance and safety throughout the middle area. However, appearances are deceiving. Its execution demands not only strength and endurance, but also balance and equilibrium.

Completing the recommended series so that it bears fruit without the body losing its axis requires perseverance and concentration. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly. Beginners should be supervised by a qualified trainer or trainer and pay attention to detail.

That is, the significant risk of injury. Sumo squat, step by step Unlike the traditional squat, the feet are placed wider than the shoulders. Meanwhile, the hands are joined and placed at chest height, bending the elbows and separating the arms and forearms from the trunk.

While this happens with the back of the body, in front, the abdomen must be contracted. This is not only for the purpose of increasing the work of this muscle group; also so that the trunk remains stable and in balance. After bringing your hips in line with your knees, rise back up to the starting position.

Details that make a difference The back must remain completely straight, both on the descent and on the ascent. On the other hand, special attention must be paid to the soles of the feet and the heels. Generally, for comfort, the kettlebell or Russian weight is the ideal complement, due to the facilities it offers for holding it. In this case, the elbows remain fully stretched and with both hands holding the weight at the height of the thighs.

When descending, avoid resting the accessory on the ground. Another variant includes the use of the bar. Meanwhile, to support the bar there are two options: The first one is in a low position, on the lateral deltoids. Discs can be added, taking care not to abuse the weight so as not to hurt the spine.

In any of its alternatives, sumo squat exercises are a very important aid to enhance and strengthen the adductor area. you might be interested

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