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10 Squats To Improve Your Body And Look Spectacular

Learn to squat correctly. Squats are a fantastic full body exercise that you should incorporate into your workout routine.

The images show the smaller version of the former drug trafficker "Chapo" Guzmán: forced to do squats naked.

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Classic squat Sumo squat High bar squat Goblet squat Front squat Jump squat.

The most humiliating video of "Chapo" Guzmán: forced to do squats naked – The NY Journal – The State

The unpublished images were published by the Public Domain portal and the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, doing squats without clothes.


For this reason, today we will tell you everything about them so that you know their benefits, how to do them correctly and the different types that exist. Squats are a physical exercise that consists of bending the knees and lowering the body with a straight back, then returning to the initial position. Squats are also good for your heart, as the raising and lowering of your body increases blood pumping to your lower body.

The elbows are perpendicular to the torso, the chest out and the head in front. If you are a beginner, go down as if you were sitting on a chair. It goes down again, goes up and raises the opposite extremities until repeating a series of 12 movements. When you lower down to squat, raise your heels so that the weight is fully supported by the toes and return to the starting position with your back straight and your head forward.

As you descend, your arms close in a circle as if you were practicing ballet. Stand tall and now bend your knees to descend as if you were doing a lunge. Try to keep your balance, return slowly and go back down. Not only can you use a chair for this exercise, any fixed support will work. You can use your arms to acquire more strength in the jump. When you land, do it gently with the tips.

Isometric Squat Stand with your back against a wall, feet in front of you, and lower your torso as if sitting on a chair. Hold the pose for 30 seconds, rest, and repeat. When you start, rest your arms on the wall to balance yourself and then bring them to the front. Getty Images Pistol squat Bring your feet together with a small distance between them, with your back straight and toes facing forward. Next, lift your left leg off the floor, stretch it forward, keep your balance and descend into a squat.

Remember to keep your legs and abdomen firm at all times. Go up with the trunk straight, taking care that the bar does not hurt, go down and repeat slowly. These types of squats can also carry extra weight. Getty Images.