Stale Bread Pudding

Chocolate Stale Bread Pudding

Are you looking for how to make homemade bread pudding? This recipe is so easy that it is prepared in a blender and it does not fail. Bread pudding is the perfect excuse to.

stale bread pudding. Use the leftover bolillo (birote) or baguette to prepare this sweet bread with a touch of vanilla. 1 hour 15 minutes.

With yesterday’s bread, with stale bread or with dairy bread, this pudding is perfect. Find here the recipe for Salty bread pudding with mozzarella cheese.

Some of the types of dessert among which this ingredient is included are bread puddings or capirotada. Bread crumbs. Grate the bread for.

How to make bread pudding

Bread pudding is a homemade recipe that is made with stale bread. It is also known as pudding and its origin is Argentine. Here the step by step.

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Let’s pour the mixture over the bread and the chocolate that we have in the bowl. Let stand for 1 hour. During this time, we will stir the mixture every 15 minutes so that all the pieces are well impregnated. We will grease a mold with butter or a little oil, pour the mixture of bread and chocolate and bake, at the same temperature, for about 30 minutes or until the stick comes out clean when pricked.

If we see that the pieces of bread on the surface are beginning to toast, we can cover it with baking paper or aluminum foil. Once the time has elapsed, remove and let cool inside the mold. While it warms up, prepare the coverage. At the end of the time, add the chocolate and let stand for 2 minutes. After the time, mix for 30 seconds, speed 3. Can be served hot, warm or cold. To make this recipe you can use baguette or loaf bread, unsalted or whole wheat, normal or gluten free.

Always respecting that it is suitable for your special diet. You can substitute pure cocoa powder for carob powder. For the pudding and coverage you can use the cream you have at home. You can perfectly substitute it for cooking cream and you save a few calories.

Of course, you can make it with milk, cream and lactose-free chocolate to adapt it to your special diet. It is a nutritious dessert with bread, milk, eggs and chocolate, so make sure that the portions are not excessively large so that it does not turn out to be filling. If, once done, you are not going to consume all the pudding, I recommend that you put a transparent film on it so that the air does not dry it.