Steamed Chinese Bread

Baozi – Learn How To Cook Traditional Chinese Stuffed Steamed Bread – Step By Step Recipe

Tips and tricks on how to prepare baozis, Chinese steamed bread buns: discover the ingredients and the recipe.

6. pour the water into the glass, prepare the top part of the steam tray, brushing with a little butter or oil, place the.

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You can steam the buns, freeze them, and then fry them as you need them. the recipe.

Fried and Steamed Chinese Bread We teach you how to cook easy recipes like the recipe for Fried and Steamed Chinese Bread and many other cooking recipes.

Chinese bread, with two cooking methods – Recipe | recipe

If you know the Chinatown of Mexico City, surely the steamed bread (baozi) familiar to you, because along the street of.

The recipe was given to me by a Chinese friend

Although in my case, I prepared the bread with gluten-free flour, using a preparation that I buy here, from the Toro brand, which is worked and has a texture very similar to a gluten-containing dough. Ingredients 1 kg of wheat flour. Water in the quantity that admits until the mass that can be worked with the hand.

Preparation In a bowl, put the chicken meat, the ginger, and cover with the soy sauce. Let it rest in the fridge. While we prepare the dough. In a glass we put warm water, and dissolve the yeast. We are preparing the filling, so that it is cold, when we fill the bao. Cut the spring garlic into small slices, and sauté it in a frying pan with a splash of oil.

Drain the meat well, in a colander and add it to the pan. We sauté it well, and remove from the fire. Loading gallery media… When the dough has risen, we cut it into pieces, as equal as possible. We spread them on the table, with a little oil, I do it by hand, but if you prefer, you can use a rolling pin. Now we are going to fill it, first we put a slice of egg and a spoonful of meat.

Loading gallery media… We make some folds when closing it, so that there are small bags. We put them on a baking tray, on paper and let them rise for about 40 more minutes. Once they have risen, we put small pieces of paper and on these the baozi. We put a pot of water on the fire. After this time, we serve them and we can already enjoy our steamed breads. Here I leave you a picture of how it looks with the filling.

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