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‘Steven Universe: The Movie’, The Animated Film That Fans Deserved

But everything will change when a new threat arrives in Beach City: Be part of this great story with the arrival of the highly anticipated ‘Steven Universe The.

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‘Steven Universe: The Movie’ was recently released by Cartoon Network, it is the evolution of a unique series.

The novelties of Steven Universe in Spain are completely scarce. The series has been on hiatus for almost 1 year in the region, and they still lack.

STEVEN UNIVERSE: THE MOVIE hits theaters in Argentina! – Orange Cinema

Steven Universe: The Movie. Share. Set two years after the events of the fifth season.

We are happy, now what?

Steven Universe is one of those series that has rightly captivated a large number of adults with its six seasons broadcast episodes. From the Comic-Con of the development of this animated film was announced. Little did we know back then where the fifth season of Steven Universe would take us, however, once we saw the ending earlier this year, we were soon wondering about the plot of the movie, both because of the fabulous ending to the season and because of the the teasers that suggested the incursion of a new enemy or at least something quite unknown.

Indeed, the story introduces us to Spinel, as well as an intricate story of loyalty, love and abandonment. In Steven Universe: The Movie we are shown to our friends two years after what happened in the emotional final episode of the fifth season. These are not all the changes in Steven’s universe, his actions and his long battle against the Diamond empire have brought profound changes in Beach City, in his friends, on planet Earth and, of course, in the universe.

The evolution of the characters is a trait that has defined the stories in Steven Universe. So, we await news of a sixth season. It is true that the plot follows a somewhat familiar path and has a fairly simple resolution —which is not simple—, however, we can say that it has the "stamp" by Steven Universe.

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