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"How nice to go through ‘Stockholm’", they tell the actress from La Casa de Papel for half-naked photos

Mónica Gaztambide, later baptized as Stockholm, is a character from La casa de papel. She was the secretary of the director of the National Factory of.

Aleida Nunez

Manila and his father, Denver and Stockholm (and his son), The Professor and Lisbon, Bogotá, Rio (who carries the memory of Tokyo) and the rest of the.

The actress Esther Acebo tells how the recording of the last season of the series was and how it changed her life on a personal and professional level.

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Before the show started, Stockholm, whose real name is Mónica Gaztambide, was having an affair with her boss Arturo Román .

Photos of Stockholm from La Casa de Papel in a bathing suit

Monica Gaztambide, also known as Stockholm (Esther Acebo) was held hostage during the initial heist, but later falls in love with Denver (Jaime.

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Pinterest The paper house 5 vol. Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. There was never a scenario in which everyone could leave the Bank of Spain alive, we already knew that, although it does not hurt less for that, and the series ended with a few casualties. The Fallen 5: Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Oslo, Helsinki Before the second part of season 5 was released, some members of the heist team had already fallen.

The truth is that the entire series was being told from the perspective of the dead Tokyo, who became a ghost and began to narrate the events that had already happened. As part of their plan, the robbers decided to fake their deaths, which allowed them to get out of there together, to later enjoy the huge amounts of gold they had stolen. Of course, the Professor discovered the deception in minutes and it didn’t take him long to go look for his loot because, without the gold, everything was lost and they had no way of preventing Tamayo from continuing to persecute them for the rest of their lives.

They knew their plan, they knew every step they were going to take and they felt confident, but they also made mistakes and that left them vulnerable. It turns out that there was a bounty of gold that was fake and Rafael and his gang don’t know how to hide their plans as well as the Professor, but Sierra finds the real one and makes a deal with Rafael so that everyone wins, except for the man who had a lot of money. time chasing them.

And with the fake gold back in the bank, The Professor has what he needs to stop Tamayo once and for all. And everyone’s rich enough to never have to steal again.