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Straight eyebrows

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Straight eyebrows, also known as boy brows or straight brows, have become one of the latest eyebrow designs that is.

Straight eyebrows: this type of eyebrows have a minimal or non-existent natural arch and usually have a difference in height between.

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Straight eyebrows in trend how to wear them according to Kendall Jenner | fashion

Straight eyebrows, also known as boy brows or straight brows, have become one of the latest eyebrow designs that is.

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Well, it is not a myth, but it is a reality. Straight brows are an ideal brow shape because they can be shaped. If you want to show off well-defined straight eyebrows, we give you the best tricks to achieve it. Use an eyebrow template To achieve a straight eyebrow design, there are templates that are ideal for marking the shape and not deviating. Take the template Place it on your eyebrows and with an eyeliner, make the frame of the shape of the straight eyebrow.

If you can’t get a straight template, don’t worry, you can use a small ruler and place it so that it is at the top of the eyebrow, then draw a line. Using or simulating a template could be a great tool. Pluck and clean to have straight eyebrows This step is essential.

Don’t go overboard with waxing as you could ruin the shape. Define the contour and fill in the eyebrow Now that you have the design and the hairs in place, it’s time to define the contour of the eyebrow and fill in with the ideal color for you. Start by giving soft strokes under the eyebrows When filling them, avoid the ends to curve, the place of it follows the same course. Do not start painting them from the beginning or inside of the eyebrow.

When filling in or shading the eyebrows, it is important to use the right color for your face, hair color and skin. Defines and shows off perfect straight eyebrows. To do this, apply eye concealer around the contour of the eyebrow, carefully highlighting its shape. Allow your eyebrows to enhance the beauty of your face. Brush to set and have perfect straight eyebrows A used eyebrow brush or curler should never be missing from your cosmetic bag, because they are a great ally when it comes to having beautiful eyebrows.

If you want to keep your eyebrows in place, you should always comb them after applying makeup. It starts at the height of the tear duct and the tail stands out being quite square. Similarly, you should know that they tend to look or become thick. They are still straight, short and thick eyebrows, only in the end, they look rounded.

It’s all a matter of taste, but if you like to show off your eyebrows long and fine, but that don’t stop being straight, this is the model you were looking for. You are at least 7 or 8 millimeters thick, they are long and very bushy. These eyebrows cover the same size as the eye and only the tail protrudes. Straight eyebrows are the ideal option to look beautiful, radiant, young and on trend. That is, your cheekbones and the length of your face from top to bottom, are the same length or similar.

Your forehead and jaw are also the same size or at least very similar. Now that you know what the characteristics of round faces are, measure and discover if you can wear straight eyebrows to get the most out of your features and combine it with your outfits and makeup. The ideal makeup to complement your straight eyebrows The makeup you use, also complement perfect eyebrows. Take note and prepare your products because we will give you the best tips.

Start with contouring to enhance the structure of your face. Apply your favorite base and unify the tones of your skin: help spread the base with a makeup sponge or your fingertips. Highlight and blur: Start with the dark tone highlighting the cheekbone apply below the manzanita area.

Followed by that, use the highlighter to highlight the upper part of the cheekbone and blend well so that the result is subtle. If you don’t have your eyebrows made up yet, do it as we explained, step by step to get straight eyebrows. Continue with the lashes and enhance your look with a mascara. To finish, paint the lips in a way that they combine with the straight eyebrows; is the favorite strategy to balance attention and achieve a well-harmonic effect.

If you want, you can paint your eyes with shades of shadows that match your outfit. A simple makeup, but that can make you look beautiful and enhance your straight eyebrows. The appearance of our eyebrows is key to enhance our face and look, therefore it is very important to define the model and shape.

Wearing straight eyebrows may be the best option.

This is how straight eyebrows are made up