Stuffed Chicken Milanese


Salt and pepper the.

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Place 1 slice of ham on the.

Beat the egg, with salt and pepper.


1) 4 large chicken breast fillets or a cut of beef or pork of your choice, the fillet should be very thinly sliced.

Email These milanesas are delicious, they must be made carefully so that they do not fall apart, but slowly and calmly, they are very, very tasty. It is best to make them with breasts and not with thigh legs. To avoid waste and some nerves they have. The fillings can be many, I will tell you how I made them this time, but you can make them with various tastes, even if you want to fill them with different things in the same meal, it is not very laborious to do so.

I leave you several options to do. Ingredients: 3 chicken breast supremes 2 eggs half a kilo or a little more breadcrumbs cc of water cc if they are small eggs salt and pepper to taste grams of bacon or ham grams of mozzarella Preparation: The most important thing is the cut.

They need to not be too thick. I prefer to cut them. I get between 6 and 8 milanesas from a supreme, depending on the size. What you need is a wooden board so that it does not slip, a sharp knife with a fine blade and be careful not to cut yourself. They place the supreme on the table, support the hand parallel to the supreme, on it, and begin to cut parallel to the hand and the table, every half centimeter at most.

Then pass them carefully so that they do not run or come off, through breadcrumbs, then through beaten egg with water and salt and again through breadcrumbs, pressing carefully so that it adheres well. Once they are all done, they put them in the fridge for half an hour or more. Then they place them on a baking sheet with a little oil below and above. Halfway through cooking, turn them over to cook and brown on both sides.

They can also be fried in abundant, hot oil. On both sides, of course. They serve them with the garnish they want and that’s it.

Breasts stuffed with ham and cheese (cordon bleu)