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The officer of the intelligence department of the, Amanda Waller, has convened a disparate and vile group of individuals who have nothing to lose.

LONDON (AP)._ The tape that brings together the most dangerous villains in the DC universe ‘Suicide Squad’, walked the red carpet at the premiere of the tape.

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The third installment of the DC Extended Universe was written and directed by David Ayer and a cast that includes Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot.

Cast[edit] Margot Robbie as Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn: Idris Elba as Robert DuBois / Bloodsport: John Cena as Christopher Smith / Peacemaker.

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in The film based on the group of villains / antiheroes of DC Comics opens on August 5,


Plot[ edit ] A new routine day begins at Belle Reve Penitentiary. C, to deal with a matter of national security. Amanda talks about Harley Quinn, who before being manipulated by the Joker was a young psychiatrist named Harleen Quinzel, who worked at Arkham Asylum. After that, the Joker and Harley Quinn became the kings of crime in Gotham City, Harley being an accomplice in the death of Batman’s partner, Robin at the hands of the Joker and the clown was in charge of murdering anyone who disrespected him. his queen, like mobster Monster T.

But after a dizzying chase led by Batman and his Batmobile, Harley was caught, while the Joker managed to escape. He talks about Chato Santana, alias El Diablo, a metahuman with pyrokinetic powers who voluntarily turned himself in to the authorities after losing the love of his life and his children in an accident caused by his powers. She then mentions Waylon Jones aka Killer Croc, a criminal with a rare genetic disease that gave him the appearance of a reptile.

He was chased out of Gotham City by Batman, but was captured by his men in a sewer while seeking a new refuge. To finish the report, Waller tells them about Enchantress, the spirit of a 6,000-year-old witch locked in a vial that possessed the body of archaeologist June Moone. Knowing that every witch has a buried heart and that it would be controlled by whoever found it, Amanda had her men return to the cave visited by Dr.

Moone to seek her heart. However, to ensure control of this unusual team, Waller proposes the best special forces officer in the nation: Rick Flag, whom he manipulated into falling in love with Dr. Moone and thus be able to control her. Hearing about a group of assassins and monsters commanded by the government to fight the next Superman, in case he was an enemy of the nation, those present take Waller’s idea as a bad joke; However, they change their minds when Dr.

After getting approval for the formation of Task Force X, Waller and Flag visit Belle Reve to meet the chosen candidates and see if they are the right fit for the team. However, Amanda asks him to stop bothering her or else June would pay for her mistakes. On the other hand, in an unspecified place, Jonny Frost returns to the Joker to inform him that, after many months of hard work, they had finally located the place where Harley Quinn was taken after her arrest.

Happy at the news, the villain lies laughing on a floor littered with a wide variety of weapons. Griggs is frightened just by seeing him and kisses the ring when he extends his hand in a sign of superiority. That night at Flag’s house, the colonel can’t fall asleep. Suddenly, June sleep summons Enchantress. When the witch appears, she shows Flag a brief hallucination of his girlfriend dying on a hospital bed before going to Amanda Waller’s house to steal the other vial with her brother’s imprisoned spirit.

He immediately travels to the Midway City subway station where he introduces Incubus in the body of a random man. He then returns to June’s body. In the subway, Incubus follows his sister’s advice and transforms into a ruthless monster that begins to gobble up all the people who cross his path.

After the following hours, the prisoners selected by Amanda Waller are taken from their cells and taken to a room where a medical team injects something into their necks. On the other hand, several forces of the United States Army try to contain the advance of Incubus, while June and Rick descend to a level below the subway to fulfill a special assignment.

Unfortunately, a few minutes later, Flag contacts Amanda’s base of operations to report that the witch has escaped. Waller immediately stabs Enchantress’s heart several times, but she manages to reach her brother who gives her part of his life until she can recover her heart. The next day hundreds of people flock to the Midway City airport to evacuate the city. After Flag makes the mission guidelines clear to them and informs them of the nano bombs around their necks, the villains are given several minutes to change clothes and gather the weapons needed to accomplish the mission.

After that Flag puts before them a tablet through which Amanda Waller, from her base of operations, informs them that Midway City was being attacked by terrorists and that their mission was to enter the city to rescue a person. very important.

However, he also warns them that if they tried to escape or something happened to Flag, they would all die. After boarding the aircraft, Flag’s men, Lieutenant GQ Edwards and Task Force X arrive in Midway City near sunset, but the helicopter is suddenly shot down by several gunshots.

However, all the passengers, with the exception of the pilots, manage to survive the crash. Slipknot for his part manages to escape several meters with his ropes, but Flag detonates his bomb and blows Slipknot’s head off. Visibly upset, Flag warns the villains that any one of them could be next, and decides to focus his threat on Deadshot.

The team continues to walk through the half-destroyed streets until they unexpectedly run into several creatures with heads full of thousands of eyes. Seeing them there, the creatures attack like a horde, so Flag and his soldiers open fire to stop them.

However, when the creatures kidnap Flag, Harley chooses to let them take him away and kill him, but Deadshot convinces her to save him or they would all die. After the fight, Boomerang confronts Diablo for not having helped and Deadshot does the same with Flag, noticing that the adversary’s eyes were not terrorists, but transformed people.

From her base of operations, Amanda Waller notices that Flag’s support team had been captured by Enchantress forces and taken to the subway station, where the witch kisses them and makes them part of her army of Enchantress. monsters. When they all meet upstairs, they are once again involved in a wild fight against the monsters.

However, seeing the height at which they were, Harley’s mind takes her back to the night she voluntarily jumped into a large chemical waste container in order to be just like the Joker. At first the clown chose to leave and let her die, but in the end he jumped after her and revived her with a kiss accompanied by his maniacal laughter. Then everyone goes up to the roof to wait for a helicopter sent to extract Waller.

But when the aircraft appears and Flag is unable to communicate with the pilots, Amanda orders to open fire since their transport had been hijacked. Suddenly the Joker and Jonny Frost open fire from the helicopter while Dr. Van Criss remotely deactivates the bomb on Harley’s neck. At the moment that the explosive is neutralized, the Joker throws a rope to his beloved and she runs towards him.

The clown’s plan goes perfectly, however Waller offers Deadshot his freedom in exchange for him killing Harley. Unwilling to lose, Waller orders the rest of his men to shoot down the helicopter. Inside the aircraft, the Joker and Harley meet again with a strong kiss and hug, but unpredictably a missile hits them squarely.

In full fall the Joker pushes his girlfriend towards a roof to save her before the ship crashes. Harley is devastated to see the distant explosion of the helicopter, while Waller tells Task Force X about the death of the pair of maniacs. Waller survives the crash and grabs an assault rifle to fend off the Enchantress monsters that are looking for her, but despite her efforts she ends up being kidnapped.

Once Flag is informed of the situation, Deadshot is forced to join Amanda’s rescue, as without her he would not be able to regain his freedom. Having reached the streets, Harley mourns the loss of her beloved in the unexpected rain, but upon meeting again with Special Force X, she joins them immediately, pretending that nothing unusual happened.

In the subway, Incubus takes the heart in Waller’s possession and returns it to Enchantress. The team arrives at the place where Waller’s helicopter fell and there Deadshot finds the folder with all the secret details of that mission. However in the end she betrayed them and ran away.

Tired of so many problems, Floyd and his companions go into a bar to have a drink. Inside, they decide to make a toast in honor of the thieves. Katana, however, is offended by this, stating that she is not a thief. Between several drinks, Deadshot analyzes the situation and reminds those present that they were the bad guys, but the Devil makes it clear that he doesn’t see it that way.

His point of view of the situation and his desire to redeem himself triggers a small argument with Harley, who is annoyed with him for believing that people like them could have a happy ending. In that Flag enters the bar and confesses helplessly that his wish was to kill the witch to save the love of his life.

Suddenly he disables the bombs and allows them to do whatever they want; he also gives Deadshot all the letters from Zoe that weren’t given to him. Visibly upset, but remembering who he was fighting for, Floyd sees Rick’s reflection and sets out to take him to the subway to help him complete the mission. The moment the group hits the streets, they are joined by the rest of the suicide squad, reluctant to leave an unfinished job.

Once ready, both groups separate to fulfill their respective assignments, while Katana mourns her husband, prepared in case he dies in battle. Once ready, both groups separate to fulfill their respective assignments, while Deadshot assures Chato that if he loses control of his powers they could have a chance against the bad guys. Deadshot’s team has no difficulty reaching Enchantress but she was already aware of their presence. In order to motivate them to join her, the villain projects a hallucination on them that makes them live out their heart’s greatest desire.

However, at the moment that Diablo begins to lose the confrontation, he tries to take Incubus to the position of the bomb and orders Flag to detonate it. He then uses the information stored in Amanda Waller’s memory to destroy different secret government facilities throughout the country with his new weapon.

Flag, Harley, Deadshot, Boomerang and Katana combine to attack the villain as she appears and disappears around them to attack them unawares. Once Killer Croc joins the rest of the team, the witch ends the fight. Harley immediately agrees to their proposal, arguing that it was not worth fighting to save a world that hated them.

Harley approaches the villain to ask her to revive her "Pudding", the characteristic nickname of the Joker, in exchange for her loyalty, but in revenge for the death of Diablo, she takes the Katana sword and cuts her enemy’s chest to remove her heart.

As dawn breaks and the dust of the fight settles, the team realizes that Enchantress was still alive. Rick immediately takes the heart and orders him to release June, but the villain mockingly tells him that his beloved was dead. Desolate, Flag tears the heart to end the witch. But her sadness ends when the darkness fades and June regains control of her body. With calm reigning, the members of the squad prepare to go free, but Amanda Waller reappears with her phone in hand and ready to kill anyone who tries to escape.

After thanking them for saving the world at Harley’s request, Waller commutes ten years on each villain’s sentence. But Boomerang declares himself dissatisfied since ten years less mean little for a sentence of three life sentences. However, he didn’t express much of his displeasure as Amanda was fully prepared to blow his head off.

Some time later Floyd returns home with his daughter and helps her with her trigonometry homework until Flag informs him that it is time to go back to prison. At the time of parting he promises Zoe that he was making arrangements to see her again. Harley enjoys her coffee while reading a book. Croc spends his time watching music videos. Boomerang is locked in an isolated cell, where he openly expresses his anger.

She tells him that he could get into a big legal problem if someone finds out what he was about to give him and also tells him that the investigation of the events in Midway City could cause him to lose his job. To calm her down, Bruce promises her protection only if she gives him what she asks for. Amanda then hands him a folder with information about Enchantress, Barry Allen, Arthur Curry and other metahumans in the world.

Waller asks why he needed this information, but Bruce just tells him that he liked making friends. When the millionaire leaves Amanda tells him to see him tired and recommends him to stop working at night.

But Bruce turns around and orders her to cancel Task Force X or else he and his friends would do it for her.