Summer Nails 2022

The 5 Nail Colors That Will Conquer This Summer

Recommendations for nail care and decoration. Summer nail trends Enamel and nail art for you to show off in.

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Colors this spring-summer What a drama when choosing nail color, but, friend, you are not alone. Today you will meet all.

There are very few things that women like more than brand new manicures, and we bring you the nail trends for this summer.

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This , the trends for nails are more risky, Although the manicure is always in fashion, this summer we will have to take risks.

The 5 nail colors that will conquer this summer – Blog de Material Est├ętica

And in our hands the trend is the same, that’s why the nail colors that we are going to see this summer are going to be strong colors.

What finish do you tend to put on your nails?

Nail polish is a timeless make-up, used by women for many years. If you like to be beautiful to the tips of your fingers, our tastes, in terms of style and color, evolve with time, fashions and seasons. Our answers in this article. Gone are the somber shades of autumn and winter like grey, brown and burgundy and welcome to pastel, pop and flashy colors.

Red is used in any time and circumstance. With the return of fine weather days you can afford a bold and glam bright red. Nowadays there are many finishes that they tend to put on their nails. Keep in mind that each of these finishes has its own particularities and can be worn in any season. The dwarf art in vogue in spring-summer Let’s talk now about nail art, very fashionable on social networks since the confinement of the month of March and the closure of the nails.

For this spring-summer, the trend is around simplicity. To remove your manicure or pedicure, use a mild acetone-free solvent and regularly moisturize your cuticles. Keep in mind that each woman has her own style and her own desires, so trends are just a common thread to adapt to her needs. To be beautiful and well in your skin, all you have to do is listen to yourself and opt for a make-up that looks like us.