Sun In Libra

Sun In Astrology – Meaning, Signs And Astral Chart

Perhaps to make their sign happy, people born under the sign of Libra are usually prudent, balanced and harmonious. In any case, they think.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SIGN SYMBOL OF BEAUTY AND BALANCE IN ASTROLOGY! Happy back to the sun LIBRA! In this period invaded by the.

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Like all Air signs, Libra requires intellectual stimulation, reasoning and conversation; its natives like to dress and smell good, they are.

Libra brings us the awareness of the encounter with the other. ยท The Sun is together with Mars, this position can bring us more irritability, anxiety and.

Sun in Libra: October horoscope for each sign – Good Vibes

The Sun will transit the sign of Libra between September 22 (at Argentine time) and October 22, when it enters Scorpio.

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How are the Librans?

It is the domicile of Venus, exile of the Sun and exaltation in Saturn. Libra, like all the Cardinal signs, marks the beginning of the seasons, in this case, the southern spring and the boreal autumn. Symbolically, it is the moment when nature has completed its cycle and prepares for its winter break.

Libra brings in its balance the symbol of balance, ruled by Venus, its air is a continuous breath of warm and conservative breeze. What are Librans like Like all Air signs, Libra requires intellectual stimulation, reasoning and conversation; its natives like to dress and smell good, they are elegant, refined and well-mannered. They need love and are constantly looking for it. They have an innate sense of justice, they are conciliatory, they know how to smooth things over and they are upset by the fact of being in hostile environments.

They are attracted to everything related to Venus: art, fashion, decoration, design and everything that is beautiful and harmonious. Culture in general also strongly seduces them, poetry and good reading are related to it. When the whole of the Charter is inharmonious, the defects can be related to excessive talkativeness, permeability to external influences, being unable to decide and having an excessive thirst for social recognition.

It is for this reason that not all the Signs are mentioned. Nor are all the influences taken into account every month, but rather those that, due to some particularity, need to be mentioned. Pluto in Capricorn resumes direct movement. This planet in its retrogradation period has surely made us review deep actions, motivations and predispositions from within, bringing to the surface what was hidden and that has to come out now, emerge or sprout.

It puts our survival instinct to the test, pointing out many of the changes and transformations that can take place throughout our existence. For Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, especially those who have sensitive points in the first decan, the effects can present themselves as a period of great challenges where everything is delayed, or requires an additional effort. Well used, these energies can be associated with prudence, vision, organization and foresight.

Ideal for long-range projects since, once these achievements have been achieved, Saturno guarantees durability. Saturn’s best remedy is just hard work, and the best way to handle it is to face it, roll up your sleeves, and get down to business. Saturn confronts us with reality and that may be its biggest problem. Saturn is the time that passes putting all things in their place. For that reason, now is a good time for these natives to put order, acquire responsibilities, start tasks that require discipline, studies and long investigations.

It is a good time to structure, order and organize. They are people who fight Mars for peace Venus. Mars in Libra is as much about peace as it is about war. You may also lack confidence and must learn to cope on your own. Mars in a tense aspect attracts risk and inclines to impulsive decisions. Add impatience, anxiety, or lack of control to high excitability. These are periods in which calm, balance and impartiality are lacking.

If rash decisions are made there is a danger of making fatal mistakes. Mars in good aspect, stimulates vitality and physical strength. Venus in Sagittarius Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, enters the Sign of Sagittarius on October 8 and briefly transits the sign until November 6, coloring feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, benevolence, love of justice, joy, generosity. , of philosophical and religious tendencies.

Venus favors loving, social, family, artistic and creative expressions. Social gatherings and commitments and affective ties are encouraged. For Pisces, Gemini, Virgo there may be a tendency to sentimental recklessness, infidelity, disputes and enmities. Those days can be very tense times in general, and can especially affect means of transport and all types of means or forms of communication.

Leo and Sagittarius too, although to a lesser extent. At that moment its energy intensifies powerfully and Mercury expresses a great capacity for concentration and mental acuity favoring Libra and the Air Signs, fundamentally.

The Signs of Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus do not receive this energy from Mercury in Libra in major aspect, however, it would be worth paying attention because those who do not know their Natal Chart could have sensitive points in those degrees and be equally affected. Patricia Kesselman. IG: horoscope.