Sun In Virgo

The Lesson of the Sun in Virgo

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People with the Sun in Virgo are detailed, organized, perfectionist and practical. They have high synthetic quality. They are compassionate.

The distinguishing characteristic of people born under the sign of Virgo is their sense of order and system. They are practical people with great design and.

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Those with the sun in Virgo are constantly on the go, always trying to fine-tune their lives and relationships. They are full of nervous energy.

The Lesson of the Sun in Virgo

Leo approaches with vitality the numerous and diverse situations.» More about Leo. Sun. Virgo. The Sun in Virgo Passionate observers of.

The mixed dual light

Starting around August 24, the sign of Virgo concentrates the focus of human vision on the details. Analyze, catalog and examine the errors to overcome. The soul enters Virgo after passing through the territory of the sign of Leo and absorbing the lesson of greatness. Soul learning is now another. However, there is a hidden trap in this. Critical vision only serves to know what needs to be improved.

It cannot be used as a pretext to criticize without doing anything good. Your role may be to assist the leader, but not to face challenges. Cannot stand pressure and prefers to adapt to circumstances. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. In the spiritual dimension, there is a deep relationship between Virgo and the Pleiades. Its function, among others, is to express the Law of Compassion, that is, the rule of altruistic sacrifice that governs the universe in its essential aspects.

His element is earth. You have an active mind: your aptitude for learning is vast and long-term. Organized effort is their language. Virgo’s ability to plan and put things in their place is enormous. Altruistic service is a form of prayer. All beings have the Virgo factor in their aura and can consciously dispose of it.

With more or less ease, everyone is able to use it to increase their efficiency in everything they do. The sensible pilgrim verifies each day the degree of nobility of his own intentions and his methods of action. The mature soul learns to combine the vision of the part with the understanding of the whole. The wise spirit sees the whole when it examines the detail, and perceives each small part when it truly understands the Whole. The publication in Spanish occurred on September 15,

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